Nate’s Favorite Things

There’s nothing better than finding the “best” of something… Here are those things


For me, even small purchases will require hours of research and reading to get the “right one.”  Buying something to just quickly fill a need is pointless and, in most cases, you end up just throwing it away in a couple weeks after it breaks.  There’s an odd satisfaction to the process of finding a high-quality item that sticks with you for a long time.  I’m going to save you the headache of research and just give you those things that I have discovered.  Enjoy the reviews.


 Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Socks

Yeah, socks.  One of those things we literally use almost every day but put as little thought into as possible.  Nobody wants to waste more time than necessary searching for socks.  I didn’t really have any true hiking socks so I went hunting for something good to have last winter.  What I ended up with is the greatest socks I’ve ever owned (quite the honor).  These things are literally built to last forever.  I guess that’s what you get when you buy Made in the USA.  I’ve been trying to prove them wrong but thus far have failed.  I wear them outside all the time to try and wear them out.  I run in them, bike in them, and wear them to church.  Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I wear them multiple times per week just because I’m trying to see if they can actually handle it.  They have. Find it Here!



Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket

I’m a skinny dude and generally get cold far too easily.  Going through the whole cancer surgery/radiation thing made me lose almost 15 lbs, which for me was significant.  I got down to 140 lbs.  I would go down into the basement to watch TV and would shake uncontrollably until my spot on the couch warmed up.  After a few days of this I was determined to never be cold again.

I swear everyone had down jackets so I started there.  I actually went as far as ordering a Mountain Hardwear jacket but when I got it I realized what the real purpose of a down jacket was: a decently warm, super lightweight layer that can be stored away in your pocket for when necessary or IF necessary.  Turns out everyone just wears them cuz they look cool but it just didn’t provide enough warmth.  They were only jackets after all.  So, I sent that jacket back and went bigger.  I liked the idea of a packable insulative layer so I skipped the full weight parkas out there and stuck with down insulation.  I wanted a real puffy coat.  Not a jacket.  A coat.  I had heard of The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, etc., but I came across a lesser-known brand out of the UK called Rab.  They make a coat called the Rab Neutrino which instead of only having 80g of down like MH Ghost Whisperer that I first picked up, it’s got 250g of 800 fill-power down and it’s big.  And warm.  And green.  This thing is literally the coat you grab when it’s howling wind at 0 degrees and you don’t feel it.  Once you pull the insulated hood over and lock it down, nothing is getting in.  If you hate winter and don’t care how fat you look, this is your coat. Find it Here!