About Me

Welcome to Trails & Miles! I’m Kacee and this my spot where I type out everything going on inside my mind; the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. I don’t usually hold anything back – Imma be real with you!

Married to Nate. He’s the best. We met while both working for a little running store and running continues to be a big part of our lives. He is currently Head Cross Country coach at Idaho State University. He knows everything about, well, most everything, but especially running & human performance 🙂 He is the travel guru & is why we go on so many adventures; he often tells me he is just craving wilderness. He is as tough as they come and anyone who knows about his trial with cancer knows why. He’s my best friend & the best father. To know him is to love him, & that love runs deep in me.

Mother to Ames & Corra. Ames Anthony is our 3 year-old boy with never ending energy. His zest for life attracts many. He’s as smart as they come, loves to run, ride bikes, play “soccer ball”, & love on/wrestle his sister & the cat (Walter). Corra May is 1 and is as sweet and feisty as they come.  She has a stare that will captivate anyone & a silly side that keeps all of us laughing. These 2 keep me on my toes but being able to be titled mother because of them is my greatest privilege.

I’m a runner. I have ran since I was 15 years old and it has given me a college education, taken me all over the country, and even brought me to my husband! It’s no secret I love to run. I ran for University of Utah, then after getting married, transferred and ran for Georgia State University. Since graduating I have still been training in between having 2 of the cutest kids. I’ve ran 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, & countless 10ks, & 5ks. Running is a constant in my life that gets me through everything, both good and bad. It has especially helped me through my husband’s battle with cancer. Running gives me hope, keeps me sane, is my ‘me’ time, and helps me always be working towards a goal.

Follow along with me as I blog about my beautiful family, cancer, our travel & adventures, my training & running experiences, life’s ups & downs, and any & every random thought I have 🙂