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Trials & Miles PODCAST!

ANNOUNCING TRIALS & MILES POCAST!! I have never been more excited and simultaneously SCARED in my entire life.

I have been blogging for over 7 years now but just this past year made the push to purchase my own domain and make my site legit. I wanted to post about running, traveling (miles), and also about life’s ups and downs (trials). However, after a few months I realized all I was posting about was running and our travels…and only posting about these things lead me into a rut – I didn’t feel motivated to post much at all. During that time I kept asking myself what I wanted/needed to contribute in this social media world of ours.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I had the idea to start this podcast. I realized the world doesn’t need more running or traveling advice (though I still am passionate about both & will still post time to time about it) but what it really needed was more real talk – especially real talk about our struggles. We all have them, but we rarely talk about them. And this leads to our trials being even harder because we feel so alone. And I’m just tired of that. My hope and prayer is by talking about our trials more, we can realize that we all struggle, and there is no need to feel alone or weird. And also, more importantly, I want to share hope and encouragement to help us realize we can OVERCOME our trials.

I have 8 AMAZING people lined up who have agreed to share their story of their trials AND their story of overcoming them and the miles they come. Because our TRIALS may bring us down, but if we let them, they can make us stronger and send us MILES ahead of where we were previously.

Starting this podcast is WAY out of my comfort zone. So do your girl a solid and tune in, subscribe, and hopefully be inspired! First episode will be announced tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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