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Trials & Miles Podcast – SEASON 1!!

The podcast is LIVE!

Find it on Itunes, Google Play, Podbean, & this site under the tab Podcast!

I can barely even believe it. I have put SO many hours of thought, prayer, and plain ol’ hard work into bringing this podcast into the world. As excited as I am for this, I am also TERRIFIED. This is way out of my comfort zone. I’m pretty candid about my own feelings and I find it somewhat easy to write about them. But interviewing others about their feelings and having talk about feelings is a whole other game.

But my moto for 2018 is do things that scare me. I don’t think there is a better way to start this new year than launching this podcast!

Now, for the details: I will be interviewing 8 people each season. Each new episode will be launched on Wednesdays (each season is 8 weeks long). The weekend before the launch a new episode I will post about the next guest and YOU will be able to post any questions you want me to ask them. These AMAZING people have gone through some rough stuff, but instead of letting it break them, they have used their trials to push them miles ahead of where they were before. So don’t be afraid to post your questions! They want to help you. I want to help you. We want to finally talk about the hard stuff.

So without further adieu, here is the line up for Season 1!

January 7: Episode 1: Nate Houle (LIVE NOW!!)

Other than a few scars and a slightly sunken cheek, you would never know the battle that Nate has endured. Just a few short months after losing his job and having to relocate his family, he was diagnosed with cancer. All the doctors painted a fearful & grim outlook on his life that he might have ahead of him. Tune in to hear Nate’s miraculous story of his hard fought battle with cancer, his amazing faith, and his unbreakable determination to live.

January 10: Episode 2: Rylee McDermott

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Three years ago, Rylee found himself in a position that he never had imagined. He was divorced, a single dad, and the law firm he was at had just fallen apart and he found out that he’d need to start his own law practice if he wanted to provide the kind of life he had envisioned for his daughter and himself. So, he was forced to do some deep soul searching, dig deep, and learn more about himself than he thought possible. He developed the “Rylee Recovery Plan” that helped him figure out how to improve on all aspects of his life. He focused on his mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and creative health. Above all he focused on being a dad. The love of his daughter helped guide him and he’s been able to balance life the best he can by being a father, attorney, podcaster, and runner.

January 17: Episode 3: David & Natalie Swenson

The Swensons – David & Natalie. They have two little girls who are the light of their lives, Evelyn(2 1/2) and Olivia (4 months). 2017 has been a “character building” for them – year to say the least. David lost his job at the beginning of the year, then started a new one; a position that was just paid off profits (no guaranteed paycheck unless he produced). 4 days after switching his job, David’s brother, Paul, went missing. After what was the worst 2/12 weeks of their lives, they learned the news the Paul’s body was found. Just 12 short hours after the funeral ended they welcomed our little ‘liv’ into the world with no one but David and the nurse – old school style. And that was just the beginning of their crazy, wonderful story.

January 24: Episode 4: Natalie Norton

After an unspeakable season of repeated loss and other deeply disruptive personal trials, Natalie Norton experienced a sort of internal revolution. She quit her decade long career as a professional photographer to focus all her time and energy on life coaching, in an effort to help others overcome their own hardships with greater passion, purpose and power. Given the trials of her own life, and through her work coaching groups and individuals over the past 7 years, Natalie has come to believe, wholeheartedly, that we can’t wait for the dust of life to settle before we show up, live out our highest purposes, and reach for our loftiest of dreams. Instead, Natalie encourages her loyal tribe of followers not to wait, but despite hardship, to “Crank up the tunes, put a smile on your face, and get to work building your very best lives, TODAY!”
Natalie is a writer, speaker, life coach and (retired) photographer. Her writing and educational resources have been featured across many different genres in both national and international publications. These publications—print and online—include: The Huffington Post, CNN, Forbes, InStyle and many more. She is co-author, along with her husband, Richie, of the bestseller, The Power of Starting Something Stupid, which won the prestigious San Francisco Book Festival in 2013. Natalie travels the globe, speaking to audiences on the subjects of purpose, passion and peak performance. She and her husband, Richie, are the parents of 4 sons (one of whom now lives in heaven).

January 31: Episode 5: Kim White

In January of 2014, Kim was 14 weeks pregnant when she found that her blood pressure was extremely high. Four weeks later, after nothing helped lower her blood pressure, she had an ultra sound that showed an 11cm tumor on my right Kidney. Three days later she developed HELLP syndrome and had to deliver their 18 week healthy boy knowing he couldn’t survive. Two weeks after that, she had surgery to remove the tumor while being told that they were 99% sure it wasn’t cancer. During surgery her right kidney was removed after they tested the tumor and found that it was indeed malignant. She was diagnosed with stage IV adrenalcortical carcinoma, a one in a million type of cancer. Her prognosis wasn’t good.

The past four years have included 6 major surgeries and 20+ other procedures and smaller surgeries: three years of oral chemo, a year of IV chemo, a year and a half of immunotherapy treatments, Y-90 radiation, two chemo embolisms and five rounds of targeted radiation. The biggest and scariest event has been what she termed her, “Hail Mary”, surgery on March 15, 2017. During the surgery her incredible surgeon removed 90% of her liver, ¼ of her right lung and reconstructed her inferior vena cava. She almost didn’t make it out of the operating room alive and was in a medically induced coma for two days. 2017 was spent in and out of the hospital including more surgeries, appointments and procedures all while trying to recover from the Hail Mary.

Cancer changes you. It either makes you stronger or it destroys you. Kim has made the choice to not let it destroy her. Cancer continues to change her, helps her grow and to see more clearly. For that, she cannot wish she had a different life. “My life is beautiful”.

February 7: Episode 6: Hayden & Ashley Hawks

Hayden and Ashley live a very adventurous life! Meeting at Southern Utah University on the Track and Field team, they share a love for running, the outdoors, travel, and adore their new born son Crosby! Their life is about to get very exciting as they leave in May to travel the World for 2 years. They will live in places such as France, Spain, India, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Turkey, and many more as Hayden is now a professional international ultra marathon trail runner. Although their life seems perfect, Ashley recently lost her younger brother to a long fight with cancer this last year, and they will share how they made it through this with their faith and love for one another and family!

February 14: Episode 7: Brittany Fisher

Brittany Fisher Frank grew up in Naperville, a southwest suburb of Chicago. She is the middle of three children and originally moved out to Utah to attend USU and fell in love with the mountains and Cache Valley. While at Utah State, she competed as a Division I athlete as a member of both the cross-country and track team. When she wasn’t running she was either climbing, hiking, playing dodge ball or attending classes. She graduated in Elementary Education and taught second grade.

During March of 2012 Brittany’s running career came to an end when she was involved in a rappelling accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. She uses both a wheelchair and arm crutches to get around. Now her life has changed a quite a bit, she doesn’t run, climb or hike like she used to – but she enjoys mountain boarding in the canyons and cross-country skiing in the winter. Most recently she became a wife and a mother. First to their golden doodle, Cooper, and now she is navigating motherhood as an incomplete paraplegic to their first child.

February 21: Episode 8: Megan Beddes

1 year ago, Megan got the news that changed their lives forever: TWINS! This came as a shock after having 2 miscarriages, but they were thrilled for the incredible blessing her and her husband had received! They were told we were pregnant with MoDi twins, and they were at a slight risk for some complications. She had NO idea what was about to come. At 22 weeks the twins developed TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) and needed emergency surgery or they would not survive the next day. They were flown to California within hours, and the surgery was a success. It did bring on more complications however. At 23 her water broke. They were hospitalized. And at 26 weeks, her girls came into this world weighing both a little over a pound. It was an extensive stay in the NICU that lasted 3 months. However through all the challenges she faced, she was reminded that 2 miracles were fighting. And God was guiding their every step to recovery. Many miracles happened over the course of those 4 months that are truly unfathomable. This shaped her in ways she never thought possible. But they DID IT! All through the never ending grace of God. This was a trial- but her our eyes…. it was a MIRACLE.


8 amazing people. 8 incredible stories. Tune in to be inspired and feel all the feels! And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an amazing story!


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  1. These look amazing! I’ll start listening to them at work. I know this was a lot of hard work, so thanks for doing this! Just proves that everyone has a story, and you found some real gems.

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