Surgery Day: 3 years ago

3 years ago was the very longest day of my life.

Nate cancer surgery

Nate was under the knife for almost 18 hours.

I remember everything about that day.

The worry.

The fear.

The love.

The miracle.

Nate cancer surgery

Nate should have lost his eye, that day. But he didn’t. The doctors couldn’t explain why the cancer hadn’t spread to his eye. It was almost as if there was an invisible force field that no science could explain that prevented it from spreading.

When they rolled Nate back into the room he had tubes, wires, monitors coming out of everywhere. He was so cut up and swollen. I have never fainted before in my life; I can watch someone poke me with a needle and watch as my blood drains out of me. But when I saw Nate that night, I fainted.

It was the beginning of a really long, tough road. Which, in a lot of ways we are still on.

It was also the beginning of so much growth and goodness.

As we hit all of these ‘cancer-versaries’ a tiny part of me hates it and gets anxious, but most of me feels so extremely blessed.

I just got off the phone with Nate, he’s going for a run then driving home from a job he loves.

We have a baby girl sleeping in the room next to me that wasn’t a possibility 3 years ago.

Corra May on the Trails

Corra May on the Trails

We have a 4  year old that just came and sat on my lap and showed me his picture he just drew and words he just wrote.

I wish I could have had a glimpse into the future on this day 3 years ago. It would have made it all a lot easier.

But although we didn’t know what the outcome of the surgery or cancer would be, we had faith.

We had faith in our loving Heavenly Father that no matter what, things were going to workout.

And you better believe that during that day, faith is really all I had to hang on to. Faith and my 18 hour long prayer.

I never, EVER wish a day like that or cancer life upon anyone, but in the end, everything TRULY does all workout.

We are living proof of it.


3 years ago was the longest hardest day of my life. But that day made such an average day as today, one of the best.

I am SO grateful for the average. The daily grind.



And if it weren’t for that day 3 years ago, I probably wouldn’t have seen the beauty of it.