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Summer 2017 Recap

Ames officially started school yesterday.  I was cold for the first mileish on my run this morning. Some of my plants are starting to brown…..

I guess I will painfully admit that Summer has come to an end.

I live and breath for Summer. So instead of getting excited at the first signs of Fall, I get the post-summer blues.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sane enough to admit that Fall is beautiful and yes I do get joy in pulling out my boots and sweaters.

(Speaking of boots…get you some of THESE I have worn them daily 2  years in a row & they are the best! Super great traction, real leather, and warm!)

But mostly, at Summer’s end I am just plain ol sad.

And ending Summer 2017 is especially hard – it’s been an amazing one!

Here is what we did:

  • Texas! The kids and I spent a week in Texas hanging out with my family.  My handsome little brother returned from his 2 year LDS mission in Peru. My family is spread all throughout the country so anytime we get together it’s the best!20170504_182330880_iOS20170504_192138049_iOS
  • Sacramento, CA! We flew straight from Texas to spend almost a week in Sacramento.  The Idaho State Bengals had their Outdoor Track & Field Conference Championships so of course we had to be there. All of Nate’s athletes performed amazingly! Super fun to be apart of .
Checking out Old Town in Sacramento


  • Utah Valley Marathon! Finally got back on the saddle and raced after not racing for almost 2 years!  This marathon was good for me in so many ways. Read about it HERE!
  • Yellowstone! We went with Nate’s whole family for an extended weekend and it was so much fun.  Ames and Corra have 10 cousins close to them so they were in heaven.  I love having Yellowstone “in our backyard” – such an amazing place.


  • Switzerland and Italy! We had been planning this trip for over a year and it definitely did not disappoint! It was 2 week full of adventure, sight seeing, and loving on my husband. Nate and I don’t get enough time just the 2 of us so I was in heaven having him all to myself with no internet service for 2 weeks! Oh, and to top it off, this trip was basically FREE.  Read alll about it HERE!
  • Disneyland! This trip was 2 years in the making.  My parents took my family to Disneyland for a week and it was the best! As mentioned above, we are spread throughout the country, so getting a full week with EVERYONE there made my heart happy.  Ames and Corra are the only grandkids on my side so they were properly spoiled rotten.  I’ve always loved Disneyland, but going there with my own kids was just magical.  Ames was totally an adrenaline junkie – if the ride was too slow, he didn’t like it ha.
  • Utah! I had a niece & nephew that got baptized just a few weeks apart.  So this past month we spend a good amount of time down in Utah.  Just this past week Nate went to France for a week (he coaches a pro trail runner that had ran & won the most prestigious trail race in the world!) So me and the kids spent half of the week down in Utah.  We went swimming, went to the museums, movies, outlet shopping, game nights, saw friends, & played hard with cousins.  It was a great last week of Summer!

Oh Summer. Imma miss you long time. But at least I can close this season knowing full well that we went hard and squeezed every last drop out.

With Summer coming to a close, this here blog will become a bigger priority.  I made a goal at the start of the year to at least write once a week and I have been slacking majorly.  So with Ames in school and life more structured imma get back to the grind.

With running too.

Since the marathon I have been casually running, but I have some Fall races I’m planning to do…time to step up my game!

So, hello, Fall. Hello more blogging. Hello more running.


Goodbye Summer 2017…loved you long time.