Weekly Training: May 1- 7

I’m counting this week as a victory. Started up traveling again but I still ran everyday AND I got in a long run! Which I was desperately needing to do 🙂

Here’s what went down:

Monday: 6 miles of trails @ 8:37 pace. Didn’t have time for more. Was going to try and run more in the afternoon but it didn’t happen.

Tuesday: 3 quick miles before we left to Texas! I had to leave by 8:30 am, drive to SLC, get on a plane to Las Vegas, had a ‘touch down’ there (didn’t actually get off the plane), then went to Odessa!


I’m counting traveling by myself with these 2 for a whole day for the rest of my miles on Tuesday. It’s EXHAUSTING.

Wednesday: 10 miles @ 8:38 pace dragging my parents German Shepard. She went sprinting around the first mile and then I had to keep prodding her along for the next few.

Thursday: 8 miles @ 7:46 pace. Didn’t take the dog. Much easier to run

Friday: 17.75 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 8:27 pace. The pace is slower than the effort. I ran in the middle of the day and it was HOT & I had to keep stopping (didn’t stop my watch) to make sure I was on the right route. Huge props to my Momma who biked next to me for 15 of these miles! This was a big accomplishment physcially, but more mentally. I was being really negative about, everything really and when I did the first 3 miles by myself I actually stopped at WALKED for a minute because everything just felt hard. I didn’t think I would even get more than 3 that day. But I decided just to start. And with each passing mile it got easier mentally. Till about mile 7 I hit that ‘my legs are numb I guess I’m running forever’ feeling and just cruised. This run was vital physcially, but mostly mentally. Proved to myself that I can handle a lot more than I think – both with running and life. Sometimes you gotta just take one step after another & you’ll end up looking back and realize that you went 18 miles! (well, almost 18, we got back to the car at 17.75 & I was DONE ha. Couldn’t bring myself to make it a nice 18 haha)


I mentioned it was HOT?! & my poor Idaho skin hadn’t seen sun like that in a year. I got fried! Idaho is still so cold I never even think of sunscreen anymore.

Saturday: Got up early & went to the gym with my baby bro. we didn’t have a ton of time so I got in a quick 3.5 miles. I surprisingly wasn’t sore. Just really didn’t feel like running haha. After I ran I lifted a tiny bit & called it a day.

Sunday: OFF.

-till next week-