Weekly Training: April 24 – 30

Was determined to have a really good week of training! But again, ‘life’ happened, especially ‘mom life’ & it just didn’t happen. I was getting really discouraged & burnt out cause I felt like everything was against me for training well. Nate & I talked about it and we decided that I needed to just take the ‘time’ pressure off of myself & use Utah Valley as a rust buster. Cause training is going decent, but not like we need it to be. So if I happen to run fast at Utah Valley, great! If not, I’m thinking a Fall Marathon will be awesome. It actually made me feel a lot better and has already made training more enjoyable.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: 10 miles @ 7:58 pace

Tuesday: Woke up at 5 am & threw up 🙁 spent most of the day being so sicky.


Not running. But luckily I felt better by Tuesday night & I went on a date with my Coach to the ISU athletic banquet 🙂

Wednesday: 10 miles @ 8:21 pace. By Tuesday night I was feeling a lot better so I decided to give running a try. Actually felt decent. Kept it easy.

Thursday: 8 miles @ 8:31 pace. Reallllyyy didn’t feel like running. Glad I got this one in.


Sunset from my run 🙂

Friday: 5 miles @ easy pace. I decided to jump in the 5k at the BYU meet that we were going down to on Saturday so I kept today really easy.

Saturday: If you read THIS post, you’d know that we were up till like 2:30am with a ER visit & sick Ames. I still woke up feeling up to racing. I went to the meet with 3 kids (took Ames’ cousin) and after a few hours, and a really sick Corra, I decided I just needed to go back. I was exhausted from dealing with the kids and Corra was just so sick. I had to get her feeling better. So I left & ended up not running at all. Life. My babies will always come before running.

Sunday: Off. So wiped.