On My Mind

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

How has it been over a month since I’ve written (other than running or travel stuff)?! We have been SO busy the past month and traveling more than we have been home. It’s been a lot of fun!

Here’s what has been going down:

-Last minute trip to Las Vegas/St. George for a week. We decided the night before we left that we would join Nate & his team at a track trip in Vegas and then after spend a few days in St. George. I am SO glad we decided to go! It was one of those vacations that I didn’t know I needed till we went. We didn’t do anything crazy but it was good for my soul.

-Home for a week. Super busy this week doing yard work, turning 27, & getting ready for another trip!

-Trip to Washington D.C. for a week. Corra & I went (Ames stayed with cousins & Nate stayed home/went to California for a track trip) with my girl Lakyn and her baby girl, Finn. We went out to see my babe sister Jasmyn Kapree who is going to Georgetown for grad school. It was SO fun being with my sisters and seeing the sights. There is SO much to see and even though we were going non-stop I feel like we didn’t even get to see half of it. Again, it was such a fun trip & much needed girl time!

-Home for 2 days. Came home pretty much just to see Nate cause we all missed him.

-Utah for the weekend. Nate’s grandparents came home from their LDS mission. They had been serving in the Greece mission. So we drove down to see them. It also worked out well that Nate’s team had a meet at the University of Utah so we went to that too. They had a little kids race in the middle of it that Ames did. He felt SO cool and was strutting his stuff before and after his race. It was pretty dang cute haha.

-Home for 2.5 weeks. Not gonna lie, after going, going, going I had a week in here that was just plain bad. Nothing was to blame particularly, but I just felt down in the dumps. I think I was just worn out cause even after so much traveling I was still trying to go, go, go and get a lot done at the house. I felt so behind in everything! But after a big cry session to Nate at 2 am life got better again. I used to cry all the time and now I hardly cry, which, I mean, it’s a good thing. But sometimes I forget that I just need to cry haha. Makes everything seem better. During these couple weeks at home we had a lot of fun with Easter & spent a lot of time working in the yard (going to do a separate post for that)

-Utah for the weekend. This past Friday morning we left down to Utah. Nate had a meet at BYU so we decided to tag along and then just stick around for a couple days after because we fly to Texas on Tuesday. I spent all day Wednesday & Thursday cleaning & packing (for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to deep clean my house right before a trip…don’t do this. I was WAY in over my head trying to get things clean and ready before we left on Friday!). Then on Friday we drove down and I went straight to cleaning my parents townhouse (they own a townhouse in Utah county that they do Airbnb with). Once I finished cleaning on Friday I was down right tuckered out. We stayed with Nate’s sister Ashely & her husband Rich. They have 2 boys of their own & they were also watching 3 of our nephews/niece so we had 7 kids in the house! Ames was in heaven. That night as I was putting him to bed I noticed that his voice was a tiny bit raspy but didn’t think anything of it. Then around 11:30 pm he woke up coughing & gasping for air. We couldn’t get him to calm down & he started having breathing retractions! We called Nate’s mom (she’s a doctor) and she said that we needed to take him to the ER. So a little after midnight we headed to the ER. Luckily, as we were driving there and as we were in the waiting room he calmed down and the retractions stopped. He started reading magazines and acting like Ames so we decided not to get him admitted. We did get some medicine for him though to make sure he didn’t have another episode like that though and had to drive from North Orem down to Provo to get it. The medicine needed to be taken with some food so we stopped at 7-11 at 2:00am and got some treats. It was exhausting but Nate & I secretly loved it. Ames was definitely all about it too…after he could breath, that is. He was pretty miserable before. He now just has croup but hasn’t had another spasm like that. On Saturday morning Corra woke up with her eyes sealed shut. Her eyes & nose were just pouring out boogers. I was hoping that she would improve during the day because later that afternoon I was supposed to run a 5k at the BYU meet. We headed to the meet around 11 and after being there a few hours she was just miserable so I decided to leave the meet without racing. Such is life as a mom. Later that night she was getting worse. We wouldn’t have been super concerned but before we left on Friday she choked on something (didn’t see what she put in her mouth) that alone was scary cause we couldn’t get it out and she was choking for a few minutes. She ended up swallowing it. We were worried that she might be having a reaction to whatever she swallowed so at like 8pm on Saturday we took her to the doctor. Luckily, Β after listening to her lungs and everything he wasn’t concerned about whatever she swallowed and just said she had croup like Ames and a bacterial infection in her eyes on top of it. After thinking about it, Nate and I decided to just drive home that night. We didn’t want to get any of our nieces or nephews sick & we needed our kids to get better! So at 10pm we left for home.

-Home from 2 days where we literally did nothing. I was determined to make my kids better, last weekend was the cherry on top of a very exhausting month! Both kids and myself are already feeling a lot better though.

-After a couple days at home we made the trek down to SLC, then flew to Odessa, Texas where we have been since Tuesday & will be till Wednesday! My baby bro came home from his mission & it’s been SO good to be with my family πŸ™‚ On Wednesday we will fly to California where we will meet up with Nate for Idaho State’s Track & Field Conference Championships!


PHEW. As you can tell, we have been buuuuusssssyyyy. A good busy though, I can’t complain πŸ™‚ Adventures are good for the soul.

I hope to get back on track with my usual blogging schedule. Hold me to it!

-till next time-