Weekly Training – March 27 – April 9th

Catching up on the past 2 weeks! It’s been a whirl wind of travel and little of anything else! It sure has been fun though.

Monday 3/27: AM 6.4 miles @ 8:31 pace. PM 6 miles of trails with ISU girls! love the city creek trails 🙂

Tuesday 3/28: 7.6 miles @ 8:20 pace.

Wednesday 3/29 (MY BIRTHDAY!) 9 miles @ 8:17 pace

Thursday 3/30: 0 miles. Was up at 4:30 am to travel to D.C.! Because our flight was delayed, we missed our connecting flight and got in 6 hours later than planned. didn’t get to our Airbnb till after 11:00 pm. looooooong day!

Friday 3/31: 0 miles. Saw the sights! Lots & lots of walking most of which with a 23 lb baby strapped to me…so that counts for something, right?

Saturday 4/1: 6 miles with my sister along the beautiful Anacostia river!

Sunday 4/2: OFF



Monday 4/3: 0 miles. Saw more sights. Lots & lots of walking. AMES

Tuesday: 4/4 (Happy Birthday to my sister Jasmyn!): 0 miles. More sight seeing and a flight home 🙁

Wednesday: 4/5 (Happy Birthday to my brother Shea!): AM 4 miles @ 7:25 pace along the Murdock canal in Utah. Drove home to good ol Pocatello. PM 4 miles of trails @ 9:13 pace

Thursday 4/6: 6 miles with 8 x 180 meter hill sprints in the middle. it hurt so good.

Friday 4/7: 7 miles @ 9:43 pace. forgot to stop my watch a few times but this run was nooooooo goooood. felt crappy. Was going to try and do some more miles later but ended up driving back down to Utah to watch Nate’s team compete at the University of Utah & see Nate’s grandparents who had been serving on an LDS Mission. At the meet they had a little kids race which Ames did. It was possibly the cutest thing ever and he LOVED it! Starting him young.

Saturday 4/8: 13.1 miles @ 7:19 pace. This run gave me some confidence. I had a minor freak out moment earlier this week realizing I only had a little over 2 months till the marathon & felt soooo far behind in training. But I woke up early and ran with my Bro-in-law plus some of our friends down American Fork Canyon for the first 7.5 miles. It was super nice to have some company, but the weather was HORRIBLE! POURED rain, head wind, & super cold. My whole body was numb after a few miles. I didn’t look at my watch once until we came out of the canyon at 7.5 miles. I was really happy to see that our average pace down the canyon was 6:49 pace! (which would be a  2:58 marathon) now, it was downhill, but the marathon I am doing is a downhill marathon. And the thing that made me feel the best was that those miles down the canyon felt easy. And it was in probably the worst weather you could run in. So if I felt good in that weather, with no warm up etc, I’m feeling like I’m in a much better spot for this marathon coming up. I still have A LOT of work to do & I am still behind, but this was a good confidence boost.

Sunday 4/9: OFF


-till next week-