Weekly Training: April 17 – 23

Well. I went from a great week to a terrible week. I felt so yucky last week. Mentally mostly. I had a really hard week last week for no real reason. It was very frustrating actually. Running felt like a chore too so I decide to give myself a little break and run how I felt.

This is what I got:

Monday: AM 4.5 miles on trailz. PM 4 miles from ISU campus

Tuesday: No running. 3 mile bike ride while pulling my babies. Not much of a workout but I was sweating coming back up our hill!

Wednesday: 9 miles. I attempted to do 2×15 min steady state. Got the first 15 min in and it was like 6:40 average and felt so hard. I started the next 15 min, got 5 mins in, was barely going faster than my easy run pace so I called it quits. It just wasn’t happening.

Thursday: 3 miles on the trails.

Friday: 7.2 miles running on trails & 1.5 miles hiking with Corra strapped to me. I biffed it and and instead of getting up. I just sat there for a loooong time. Luckily I fell with a beautiful view. Needed just sometime to sit and think.

Saturday: No running, lots of yard/house work!

Sunday: Off

I’m not even going to total how many miles I got because I think it will just make me sad. The competitive side of me hates having bad weeks of training. But, the logical side of me knows that sometimes you just have to have a bad week. And when you have a hard week, instead of just trying to push through, you gotta just let up for a second. And let up I did. I’m already feeling better after a good weekend. Hopefully this week will be much better!

-till next week-