Weekly Training: April 10-16

Probably my best week so far! A workout, long run & 55+ miles! Good thing because it’s crunch time…2 months exactly from today is race day… coming up so fast!

Monday: 8 miles with Nate on his bike pulling our babies. Need to do this more often, loved their company 🙂 (don’t know my pace, watch was dead)

Tuesday: AM 6 miles. PM 4.5 miles with 12×400 meter with 90 seconds rest in between each. Splits were 97,90,90,90,87,86,85,86,82,82,83,81. Felt good though I definitely need to work on speed! 

Wednesday: 7.5 miles

Thursday: 6.1 miles @8:28 pace (finally charged my watch!) was tiiiiired.

Friday: 9 miles @8:19 pace.

Saturday: 16 miles @ 7:43 pace! We have a little canyon less than 2 miles from our house. For my long runs I usually run up it, then back down. Problem is, to get to the canyon, there is a huge mile downhill which means on the way back, with under 2 miles left, there is a steep mile climb back to my house. It hurts real bad. On my way down from this run I averaged 6:37 miles for 6 miles. I wasn’t even really pushing. Only thing is my legs felt achy. I think with some more speed under me I’ll be good to go! Finally feeling like I’m getting in shape. Thank goodness.

Sunday: Off. Happy Easter!

TOTAL MILEAGE: 57.2 miles!

From my Monday run…finishing with the prettiest sunset 🙂

-till next week-