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Week of Training – February – 27- March 5

50 in da bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It didn’t feel great [hello increasing miles fatigue] but I did it. It’s funny, when I finished my run yesterday I was so pumped. I am finally getting in some solid training and feeling like I’m putting in real effort for this marathon. But then I started thinking about my training in the past [I’ve done over 70 before] & talking to some of my athletes I’m currently training who are doing over 80 miles per week…I got discouraged. I still felt so far behind. Luckily, #perspective, kicked in and I realized that this is more than I have been doing in almost 2 YEARS! For me, this was a big landmark. You can do a lot off of 50 miles a week, racing wise. So I refocused, and continued to celebrate my little victory.

This is something Nate has helped me with a LOT in running. I used to get so frustrated that I wasn’t setting 20 sec PRs every race & running how I thought I should – what I knew I could. He forced me to celebrate the little victories. I.E. Setting a 2 second PR…doing good in a hard workout…getting all my miles in for the week.  Before I learned to do this, I was continually in a negative “I’m never good enough” thought process. But now, I take pride in the little things that I DO do. [ha, doo-doo…Friends anyone??]. It’s not always easy…as said above, but it has made the world of difference for me in my training. So stop comparing, focus on what you are doing well, and continue to build, grow, and achieve! I guarantee you’ll enjoy the process this way 🙂

Another thing that I do to keep me motivated are remember the great times with running. The PRs, the runs that feel effortless, all the times that confirm that I love running. I always watch this video:

I had just eaten a pretty big lunch, I didn’t have running shoes, shorts, sports bra, and I just really didn’t know if I could do it. However I was egged on so I went and bought some shorts, they loaned me some shoes, then I ran in my regular bra. Despite all of this, I remember being able to tune out the crowd, the uncomfortableness and just run. It was nice physically, but mentally it’s one of those moments where I felt so strong. I love to revisit it and remember that if I was there once, I can be there again and [hopefully] even better!


Here’s how the 50 miles went down:

Monday: 9.2 miles @ 8:23 pace. I planned to do my usual boring run of laps around the park, but the park was super icy so I peaced out and ran around town. So glad I did.

Tuesday: 8 miles @9:08 pace. Brutal run. Ran with my girl Bri and we had big ‘ol snow flakes blowing in our eyes the entire time. It was slick. I was cold. I’M SO OVER WINTER RUNNING!

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 8:20 pace. Ran after Nate got home from work because we stayed up till 2:00am redoing our laundry/half bath. It was slick outside, per usual. In the morning I did body-weight lifts from home. And I am actually seriously, very serious, surprised by how sore I got from them. I am SO out of shape for anything non-running. I need to lift/stretch a LOT more.

Thursday: 8.1 miles @ 8:46 pace. This was my usual boring run around the park. It was still icy and dumb, but morning school/work traffic was going on & I didn’t wanna mess with it. Also, I was super sore.

Friday: 7.5 miles @ 9:26 pace.  Ran half with Bri. I was feeling it big time to the point when I was running back up the trail to my house, which was completely icy, I got so tired of running on ice & I was just so tired & sore in general that I walked up the hill. Sometimes you just have to stop & think running is dumb. Which this day it was [mostly the weather was dumb].

Saturday: 10 miles @ 7:58 pace. The roads were finally dry and the temperature was 40 degrees. It did wonders for my mood & running abilities. I am DEFINITELY a warm weather runner. I lived/trained in Phoenix for a year & the heat really didn’t bother me. Snow & cold on the other hand I just run so slow. Anyway – this was a goood run to finish off the week!

Sunday: Off. Eating lots, sleeping lots 🙂

Next week hopefully 50-55 & lifting 2x & yoga! Maybe an actual workout too!


PS: This screen shot is of my Strava. If you run, bike, ski, walk, hike, lift, ANYTHING really, you should be on here. It’s like social media for working out. I love it mostly because it tracks all my runs but it’s so fun to connect with other people too. Bonus: if your run/exercise with your phone, it can be used as a GPS and will track your activity. Check it out & be my friend!

-till next week-