Week of Training – March 19 – 25

Another 50 in da baaaag. Finally got another pretty solid week in. Still need to get more miles, but when I at least get 50 I feel like it’s respectable and something to work with.


Here’s how it went down:

Monday: 8 miles @ 9:06 pace. I ran in the middle of the day in St. George, it was HOT. but felt so good. I earned my first sunburn of the year. I also ran on some cool trails. loved it.

Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:32 pace. Same trails as the day before. Felt so dead though.

Wednesday: 6 miles at I don’t know what pace. After 2 days of traveling back home I went at like 7:00 pm for a run. My watch was dead so I just did my little 6 mile loop. It was probably slow. I was dead, didn’t feel too great. Looking back I think Tuesday & Wednesday of this week I was actually a little sick. Nate wasn’t feeling great and Ames got hit hard with fever, tummy aches, etc. Glad I only got a very mild version of it.

Thursday: 9 miles @ 8:12 pace around town. I really enjoy living in Pocatello, but it is not my favorite place to run. At least from my house…which is basically the only place I run from cause I’m too lazy to get up any earlier to drive somewhere. But I live up on the foothill so it’s either up or down from our house and with longer loops like this one I have to run on busy roads. blah. (side note: Pocatello has some amazing amazing trails though! getting so excited for all of them to thaw out!)

Friday: 8 miles @ 7:47 pace. Finally felt better. Another PM run after taking care of a sick sick Ames 🙁

Saturday: 13.1 @ 7:53 pace. I haven’t squeezed a workout in so I decided to try and bring the pace down during my run. I ran from my house up Pocatello Creek Road (which is similar to running up Provo Canyon, for all you Utahns). Then at 6.5 miles when I flipped I ran a few fast miles…7:25, 6:40, 6:32, 6:34. Then I had 1 painful mile climbing the huge hill back to my house. My average pace was looking pretty good until I hit that hill. Felt good to get a solid long run in though!

Total: 50.1. Holla!

Next week I am going to try to do 55+. We will see though, I leave Wednesday to go see my babe sister in D.C.!

-till next week-