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“Inspired Lettering” GIVEAWAY!

A few months ago I was in a rough spot (read about it HERE). I was struggling with post-partum anxiety which was heightened by finally processing our trial with cancer.  In the midst of all of that, my girl, Courtney, reached out to me.

Courtney Casper is one of those people others are just drawn to. We went to high school together, and while we weren’t great friends, I remember her always smiling & seemed to just be so real. I always wanted to be better friends with her but it never happened. Fast-forward years post high school & we were brought together through trial – my Nate was diagnosed with cancer – her little brother was diagnosed with cancer. They were diagnosed right around the same time & both went to the amazing Dr. Hunt. While our trials were different in a lot of ways, we ‘got’ each other. We were together in the cancer world – something that is so hard to understand unless you’ve actually been there.

As I was saying, as I was struggling a while back she reached out to me to help her with a project. Now, you need to know this about Courtney, she does lettering and is AMAZING at it. She does printables, eCourses, workshops, and, my personal favorite, has something called ‘The Love Note Project’ where she sends love notes to people all over the world, all she needs is a name & address & she sends them some love for free (check out the details on her site HERE). And to further her amazing products, she was working on a project, a book, called “Inspired Lettering” and she wanted my help…

From her site:

Inspired Lettering combines lettering, writing, journaling, and gospel study into one amazing package.
250 pages spiral bound of inspiration.
Intro to hand lettering pages, letter drills, warm up drills, and 50 “days” of Latter Day Saint faith based messages, lettering, and personal, wide open, soul bearing thoughts from myself and other amazing women. Each day consists of four pages. Two to inspire and two for your own inspiration.
I want to share my love for all things lettering mixed together with the things that inspire me most, and give you a space to open up your own heart and see what’s there. I want you to open up this book and feel God’s love for you. I want you to know you’re not alone. I want you to get your hands on this and use it up, pour yourself into it, and 256 pages later have found faith, art, hope, love , and have created a beautiful piece of yourself to keep forever.
No matter where you are in life, in lettering, in your faith- this book is for you. It’s for your mom. It’s for your sister. It’s for your best friend.
I’ve sat and let inspiration flow onto each and every page, and now, I’m truly standing all amazed at the beauty that it has become. I hope that you love it.

She wanted me to be one of the ‘other women’ to contribute to her book. This meant she wanted me to write some of my thoughts along with some of my lettering. “My lettering.” I don’t letter. Doodle, yes, I’m pro, but lettering is super fancy & legit, right? She assured me that while yes, lettering is an art and something that can be perfected to look really good, the backbone of lettering is the words & just learning to express yourself. So I agreed and went for it. And while my lettering doesn’t come anywhere close to as pretty & legit as Courtney’s, it felt so good to sit and write meaningful words. It really helped me in a difficult time where I NEEDED to process. And helping her with her book did just that for me.

A little snippet of my contribution to the book 🙂

To make her even more amazing, she has agreed to giveaway one of her books, “Inspired Lettering”! To enter, subscribe to my site (in the sidebar & header) and to her site (courtneycasper.com) or head over to my instagram (@kacee.trialsandmiles) to find out how to enter there!

Even if you aren’t completely dazzled by lettering (which, maybe, you should be) you still need this book. Like mentioned above, it’s all about the words.  And this book contains some of the best, most inspired words.

Enter to get a copy of your own!



-till next time-