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Happy. Sad. Happy. + How we travel for free!

please excuse the pictures…they are great until I upload them & no plugin is working…

Happy. Sad. Happy.

That was the theme for this week. I swear every other hour I had something good happen, followed by something bad happen.

Happy: we stayed up till 2am, but we FINALLY finished our half bath/laundry reno. Had the plumber come and fix our water main, installed the flooring which was harder than we thought it would be, put in the new vanity & faucet & fixtures, etc.  We have the back-splash to do but, other than that, it’s done [before & afters & details to come once it’s 100% complete!]



Sad: Literally the next day as I was taking a nap ’cause I was exhausted from going to bed so late, I was awoken by a big crash our in our backyard…our rain gutter fell to its death! It’s been hanging off our house a little ever since we had moved in. And since this is the winter has been THE WORST WINTER  [so much snow & cold] the gutter was completely full of ice and the weight finally got to it and broke it off. So now we have to fix that.

Happy: We finally had our washer and dryer back and running so I did a billion loads of laundry & got it folded & put away within a day. Doing all of it within 24 hours is HUGE for me.

Sad: Our washing machine is dumb and if I fill it the tiniest bit too much, clothes get stuck between the barrel & door & rip….one load I did this & my brand new shirt, a towel from Greece, & Corra’s blanket all got huge holes in them. Then the next day, Ames slept in our bed, soaked through his pull-up and it got all over my beloved pillow. I read the label and it said it could be machine washed so I threw it in and, of course, it got a hole in it. I was furious. Ask nate. Our washing machine will bring out all the rage in me.


He really does have a problem peeing when he sleeps…uhhhhh


Happy: I called my mom to vent about adulting & how it sucked & everything kept breaking right after I JUST finished fixing something. She was a good listening ear. Then later that night she texted me and my sisters & said that a couple stores were having a really good sale and that she would buy us each something under $30. Dunno if this was spawned by my ‘adulting sucks’ convo with her but either way she made my day. What would we do without moms??

Sad: We sold our Equinox. It was such a great little SUV for us. Never had one problem. Got us through some rough winters & times in our lives & it just ‘fit’ perfectly for us. We were actually really sad to see it go.


I should become a fashion blogger.


Happy: Now that we have sold our Equinox & have a pretty sum in our bank account, we are 100% green light on buying a minivan! Hopefully we can get one this week!

Sad: I have so many things that I’ve been needing/wanting to do but because of all of the above, they keep falling to the back burner. I feel like I can’t do well at anything cause I’m so stretched thin. I was really feeling discouraged & burnt out about it on Friday. And, on top of everything, Nate & I hadn’t been on a date in probably 3 months. We didn’t even do anything for Valentine’s day.

Happy: Unbeknownst to be, one of Nate’s old coach’s/family friends came to our conference meet and while there he slipped Nate some money so he could take me on a date. So on Friday we got a babysitter, went out to eat at MacKenzie River where we just talked & talked, then we went to Costco where I got a new pillow [this made me a little too happy], then came home and watched a movie in our ‘home theater’. Something about this night made life seem SO much easier. It was a big reminder why it’s so SO good and necessary to still date once you are still married. I really think I just needed some time with my man and to forget about life’s details.


Our ‘home theater’. Don’t mind the mess 😉

Happy: I rocked my 10 miler on Saturday [read about it HERE] then right after my BFF Christa came up and we did a little makeover party. It was fun just to have a girls afternoon and spend some time with my Best. Some good girl talk is always good for the soul. Check out her make-up page HERE. Seriously, the make-up is legit. So excited for mine to come.

Happy: Corra was [a little] better at church so I actually got to stay in Relief Society the entire time & it felt good. Then after church we all came home and took naps. Sunday naps are probably one of my favorite things ever.


On the way home from church [we might not buckle them in their seats for the .2 mile drive…don’t judge]. All the heart eyes.

He gets himself dressed every morning. This is how he came in ready for church…I almost let it go, almost ha 🙂

Sad: I woke up to 4+ new inches of snow after my nap. SO UPSET! The snow was literally almost gone & I was feeling so happy about it. But of course it couldn’t last longer than a day with us seeing our grass. Someone PLEASE send some sun & warmth to Idaho…please.

Happy: Really, even though adulting is so hard sometimes, my life is really so so good. Like, so good. And as you can tell, luckily, most of the time the ‘happy’ times outweigh the sad.


This boy & his cat

These 2 playing together always makes me happy. Even when they are messing Nate up 🙂

Ames loves to wash her hair. He actually does a good job too 🙂

Ames wanted me to take a picture of him…haha

He has learned how to take access the camera & take pictures on my phone. He kept telling me to pose for him haha.




On a completely different note, Nate & I have been working on a new little project that I’m super excited about! It’s been our hobby the last few years to travel the world basically for free. We decided to share how we do it! So we are going to start doing “Thursday Travel” posts & share our [not so secret] secrets on how to get free flights, hotels, & more 🙂 Hopefully it can help other un-rich people like us out there be able to travel more! Traveling is so good for us I think.


Nate wrote a little intro about it…

In this culture and era of social media it’s tough to be happy with your day-to-day life. You see all your friends on Facebook and Insta out roaming the world, seeing a bunch of cool stuff, and think to yourself that you should travel and see the world too. Aren’t we supposed to go out and become cultured?? However, the minute you even begin looking into things you realize how incredibly expensive it can be to travel, even while being modest in your accommodations and activities. Luckily, in this case, there is a way to get around the massive price tag and experience the world for yourself, even without a trust fund in your name. Kacee and I are going to be writing blog posts under this theme to help out our friends do what we’ve been able to do, which is travel via rewards points, mainly via credit card bonuses. One of the biggest inhibition people have with starting something like this is how complex it can seem up front. There are quite a few websites out there that talk about the in’s and out’s of credit cards and the myriad of airline and hotel programs to choose from. We thought it’d be cool instead to post travel “recipes” that explain step-by-step how to do specific vacations so you don’t really have to figure out a bunch of fine print on your own. This way you can just follow the steps and you’re on your way!

Tune in next Thursday for the first post & then be ready to start your traveling! 🙂

-till next time-