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Week of Training – February 20 – 26

Well didn’t quite hit my goal of 45 miles. Life happens & family time > running. I really do need to get serious though! It’s been really hard to get consistent training this winter, with sickness, horrible weather, really busy husband I’ve just really struggled getting it in. I really could be better at it, but the motivation has been lacking as well. I’m really hoping with Spring I will have some renewed motivation to actually get all my miles in & do all the little things. I’m slowly getting better, but definitely not where I want to be/should be.

Me every morning getting ready to run. tired eyes. crazy hair. Cat in tow. Looking hawt. (ps you should see some of my running outfits …. yikes)

Here’s what went down:

Monday: 7 miles @ 7:56 pace. Ran from our house to Holt Arena, then warmed up with the girls on ISU’s team

Tuesday: 6 miles @ 10:46 pace. I took my cousin’s German Shepard out for a run and he did so well the first half so I decided to do a loop with him…then he refused to go even walk fast the last couple miles. So I was running while dragging a huge dog behind me.

Wednesday: 6.5 miles @ 8:35 pace. Ran some of these with my girl Bree.

Thursday: 5 miles @ 8:37 pace. HUGE snow storm hit again after all the snow had FINALLY melted. Back to running on icy roads & through 4 inches of snow.

Friday: AM 5 miles @ 9:52 pace with Bree. ROADS WERE SO SLICK & SO MUCH SNOW IN OUR EYE BALLS. was a crazy run.

PM:  3 miles. Did a real mini workout with my sister Heidi who came up along with her family, Nate’s parents & our other sister Heather. Did 2×800. Both were                              done in 3:00 (6 min pace)


This is how much snow we ran in & a lot more was coming down as we were going

our mid run glamour shot…SO OVER SNOW. Also, let’s just take a min to notice how I’m killin’ it with my hat & ear warmer… #style

Saturday: 5 miles. Heidi & I set out to do 12 miles so I could get 45 for the week. But a few miles in Heidi’s knee started killing her. So we called it quits. We had to run to the store together & get to the Big Sky Indoor Conference Track & Field Championships so after everything was said and done I had no time to run my last 7 miles. Ooooh well. The day wasn’t about my running, it was about Nate. Read about it HERE.

TOTAL: 37.5

Nate isn’t traveling for a few weeks and we don’t have as much going on so NO MORE EXCUSES. gonna get fiddy next week. here we go.



-till next week-


4 thoughts on “Week of Training – February 20 – 26

  1. Dude I’m with ya!! I don’t know what it’s been about this winter but I cannot for the LIFE of me get my butt out the door int he freezing/snowy weather. I’m becoming a baby in my old age 😉 But I love your posts and I love nerding out on your mileage/running posts. Love you lady!!! Keep up the running! You are doing fabulous.

    1. Let’s just be done with this winter!! There really has been something about it…hopefully with some sun we can get those miles in! miss running with you!!

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