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Week of Training – February 13 – 19



Finally had a week with no sickness for ANY OF US! Seriously hasn’t happened in over a month. It took a little work, but I got er done.

Here how it happened:

Monday: 8.1 in 8:20 pace. I left a little late (have to be home before 8:45am, i know, I don’t really have excuses to not run in the morning) so I only did 5.3. Came home to find Nate still in bed haha. So I went out and did a 2.8 loop to start the week out right.

Tuesday: 3 @ 8:05 pace. We had a super long day trip down to SLC for Nate’s CT scans & appointment. Those Huntsman days are long but this was a great one (read THIS post to hear about it).

Wednesday: 8 @7:51 pace. Ran in the afternoon cause I was so tired from the trip/Corra getting up a billion times. It was warm(er) and dry roads! Felt so so nice.

Thursday: AM: 3 trial miles @ 8:39 pace. Made a rookie mistake and set my alarm for PM…so I only had time for 3. PM 5 @ 8:30 pace with Hurricane wind pelting rain at my face. Like it hurt. And my tummy hurt. Did not like this run one bit.

Friday: 8 @ 8:20 pace. FELT SO DEAD. But I listened to Lumineers so it made me feel a little happier.

Saturday: I hit up some yoga with my girl Bree which felt SO good. I was real rusty at it, but I felt so much better on my run after. I did 4 with Bree @8:53 pace and then 6 in the hurricane wind @ 8:07 pace for a total of 10!

Total: 45.1 & yoga.

Goal for next week is 45-50, lifting 2x, & yoga at least once!

-till next week-


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