Cancer, On My Mind

domiNATE celebration!

what a week. It was a long one but great one. got some work on the house done (FINALLY FOUND OUR WATER MAIN SHUT-OFF VALVE (thanks, Kirk!!)), had a few real nice days were we were out riding bikes and soaking in the sun (our 40 degree sun, but still) but then mother nature decided she hates us again and DUMPED snow. Like, probably the biggest snow storm we’ve had all year, and we’ve had some real big ones! I was hoping it would snow but then go back to the 40s, but no. It’s been so so cold uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It snowed at least a few more inches after this pic…..












Hopefully this was the last snow storm that at least sticks! Doubt it, but a girl can always dream.

Her first pony tail….staaaaawp!

a lot of these 3 amigos & very little makeup  this week while Nate was a busy beeeeee

The majority of our week was spent and the Big Sky Indoor Track & Field Championships. Idaho State hosted which was real fun. Nate was super busy all week setting up things so me and the babes had a lot of time just us.

Nate’s parents, his sister Heidi & her family, & his sister Heather all came up which is always so fun. Ames probably put in more miles than any of the athletes. He and his cousins just ran around like mad which is what being a kid is all about.

The running events started on Friday so we were there most of the day Friday watching. Every single one of Nate’s athletes ran well, some SUPER well with huge PRs. It was so fun to watch. The kids and I come to practices and races quite often but I feel like I know them much better than I should just because Nate tells me everyday how they are doing. So when I see them perform so well I get so proud and a little emotional. There were a few races this weekend that brought a few tears to my eyes. I know how much it means to the athletes & Nate and how hard they all have worked. If you understand Track, it’s seriously one of the best sports to watch.

After the events were over on Friday, I hoped on the track with Heidi & Parker (sis & bro in law) and our friend Kevin to do a real little workout to get a few extra miles in for the day. It felt so good to go fast even if it was just for a min. while we ran around the track all of our kids were jumping on the pole vault pits and running around like mad. It really makes me so happy to see kids just being kids!

On Saturday Heidi & I went on a little run then the preparations began. For a few weeks I had been planing a little celebration for Nate. As I explained in THIS post, being cancer free for 2 years is a big deal so I really wanted to do something big-ish for Nate. Without him knowing I set it up so that we could recognize him after the awards ceremony at the meet. So Saturday I was running around picking up treats for the celebration, trying to get a video to be put up on the big screen (which ended up being a huge headache and almost didn’t happen. But luckily I had so many amazing people helping me and we got it to work last minute!) and just making sure everyone knew what was up so that they could be there. After a little stress, everything actually worked out really well. Right after the awards were over the announcer handed me the mic and I called Nate up to the front. I explained that he had had a wild ride the past couple years but he had hit his big 2 year cancer free land mark! Then after I said a few words & made Nate (& myself) cry, we embarrassed him by showing THIS video which just summarizes his whole story really well. After it was over he thanked everyone, and then people grabbed some donuts & cookies and came up and just chatted and congratulated Nate. I loved it 🙂 And as embarrassed as Nate was, I know that he loved it too. So grateful to him, his strength & fight these past 2  years! Looking forward to the many, many more ahead!

Everyone watching his video 🙂

His video up on the JUMBO TRON!

Your ISU Bengals T&F!!


-till next time-