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blog getting serious.

welcome to ‘Trials & Miles’! it’s been a long time coming that I switched over to my own site.  This week I finally pulled the trigger!

My babe sister, Heidi, came up with the name as it’s very fitting to our life…dealing with life’s trials (both good & bad) one running mile at a time.  The content of the blog isn’t going to change – I’ll still ramble on about whatever is on my mind. But I am going to start documenting my running a little more, mostly for my sake – keeps me motivated. And as always we’ll keep you updated on Nate & his health 🙂

Anyway, this week has been a lot of frustration trying to get my blog transferred over to this website. thank goodness for my BFF google – I googled everything under the sun this past week and came away knowing at least a little bit of this tech, website building world.  Though as you can see, it’s not perfect.  I got all my blog content moved over except the pictures aren’t showing up in posts (the ones that are there I added manually) so stay tuned these next few weeks while I work out the bugs 🙂

Other than working on this site, I’ve been on a hunt for….can’t believe I’m saying it…a minivan.  I promised myself I wasn’t going to own one (couldn’t be that cliche’) but guys, they are SO nice! I can get a fully loaded van (seat&steering wheel warmers, DVD, back-up camera, leather seats, sun roof, etc) for the same price I could get the most basic version of an SUV.  So I threw all of my prejudices aside and now vans are my jam and I’m all in.  So if anyone knows of a good deal on a Honda Odyssey or a Chrysler Town and Country, holla at cha girl. AND if anyone wants a very well kept 2011 Chevy Equinox, come and get it!

As far as running goes, this week was another blah week…

Monday: didn’t run, still sicky

Tuesday: ran 4 miles SLOW, felt okay

Wednesday: felt better & was so sick of not working out that I ran 7 miles & lifted hard for over an hour…

Thursday: COULD NOT get my bum outta bed to go run cause I was so beat. Over did it the day before.

Friday: Ran 6 miles nice and easy, finally felt back to myself.

Saturday: Biked for 90 mins with 60 mins of 2 min hard/3 min easy in the middle while watching secret life of pets. (Nate was out of town, so I was stuck on the bike trainer)

So only 17 miles + biking, BUT I think I am FINALLY over this terrible cold and ready to get back at it next week. Shooting for 45 miles…we’ll see!

lastly, we are currently working on our laundry/half bath which was a mixture of brown & yellows (barf) it’s all painted and we just need to lay down the new flooring & install the new vanity…hopefully I can convince Nate to work on it this week 🙂

in home reno news I FINALLY painted our brown ugly doors (on the main floor at least, upstairs still need work). I kept holding out because i thought I was going to just buy new ones…but I couldn’t take it anymore and painted them the same blue as our front/garage doors. don’t know why I waited to long….

Before. Note: look how cute and little he is…wasn’t even 2 yet.

my assistant. I make him strip haha.

ta da!

this girl’s hair is one of my favorite things. plus her sleeping style…100%

she started crawling this week and this is already happening…

another week, another trip to home depot

my boyzzz

so Ames had a few weeks of Pocatello fame. they used his cute face for banners, posters, flyers, and even a commercial! I loved seeing him all over town 🙂

My view as I left to the gym. Ames greets us with is 4:30am presence a few times a week (along with his blankets & animals). I secretly love it 🙂

-till next week-