On My Mind


Nate and I were talking about how we are living in the time of our lives that we dreamed about before kids.  I remember many conversations how we were so excited for when we had kids of our own and got to hear all the funny things they say.  And let me tell you what, Big Guy Ames is exceeding all of our expectations!

A couple examples:

A few weeks ago we went to our church luau.  Among great food, friends, and activities, they had a dunking booth.  Of course all the teenage boys were all about it – either being the one to dunk the person or sitting on the seat and getting dunked themselves.  It provided great entertainment as we all ate.  As we were sitting there I teased Ames and asked him if he wanted to get dunked.  He looked at me with his big blue eyes and said very seriously “No!” And although he was serious about not getting in the dunk booth, it didn’t seem to leave much of an impression on him.

Later that night as Nate and I were getting ready for bed after the babes had been asleep for a couple hours, we heard Ames start crying and mumbling.  We hurried in his room and crawled into his fort (we had made a fort out of a big sheet and he slept in it for weeks!) He was still half asleep and crying and mumbling something we couldn’t quite make out.  After asking him a couple times what was wrong he half yelled, “I don’t want to get danked!!”  Nate and I stared at each other for a second still not really understanding. Then it hit me. He had a nightmare about getting dunked in the dunking booth! As it hit me he kept saying he didn’t want to get “danked at the church!” I started laughing so hard. In between my laughs I scooped him into my arms and reassured him we wouldn’t let me get “danked”.  He calmed down and went back to sleep and Nate and I went to sleep with big smiles on our faces 🙂

Another example:

About a week ago we went to Ross and I let Ames look at the toys for a good long time.  He found a semi-truck trailer (like the kind that carries other cars like Mack from the movie Cars) and he was just dying over it.  He asked me a bunch of times to have it.  I said he couldn’t have it now but if he did all his chores for awhile we could come back and get it.  He didn’t mention anything about if for a while and then 2 days ago Nate went in and woke him up from his nap (side note: this kid still takes super long naps…most days we have to go in and wake him up around 6 so we can still get him to bed at a decent hour). He jumped out of bed, fixed the one tiny corner that was out of place on his blanket and then ran to me and said, “Mom! We forgot! I did my chores, now we need to go to Mark!” Again, it took me a second, but as he repeated himself it dawned on me…he was talking about getting his prize from ROSS after he did his chores. I started busting up and then explained to Nate how he meant Ross…not Mark haha.  So, although the only “chore” he did was straighten his blanket, that night we went to ‘Mark’ and got his beloved semi-truck trailer 🙂

I’m telling you, if ever you need a light in your life, just hang out with our Ames Anthony for a while. He comes with a guarantee of making you feel better about things 🙂  Although I love, love the stage he is in, I feel like he is getting way too old too fast.  I’m kinda in a paradox, I love my little Corra, but I find myself more excited for her to be older – for her to be crawling, and walking, and talking.  But I’m the opposite with Ames, I love him and I find myself wishing we could push pause on him for a little while.  I feel like I really need to soak up his 2 year old self a little more.  So, although I’m sad his 2 year old self is fleeting, I’m happy that I’ve been trying to make an honest effort to just enjoy him and savor every second of him.  With Corra too, of course, but geez, Ames is in such a fun stage!

On kinda the same note, I have felt so, SO honored and humbled to be the mother of these 2 sweet babes lately.  Almost too much (more on this in another post).  Like I just can’t believe they are mine and I feel like I’m way out of my league trying to raise them.  I just hope that no matter what and through my flaws they will always know how deeply I love them and how pretty much my only serious goal in life is to raise them right.

ANYWAY – this post was meant to be light not all sappy and serious.  Here’s to the funny things kids say & cherishing every moment with our babies!