On My Mind

An Ode to my Mom for my Dad.

I have always had a great relationship with my Dad.  One that I cherish.  He is the one that I talk ‘life’ with. The one that motivates me. The one that pushes me to be my very best. The one that loves when I hate to lose. The one that has been a great example of a husband and father. The one that has been protective of me. The one that I know loves me. The one that I always said I would marry someone like (check). 

My Dad doesn’t open up quickly, but those who are fortunate enough to truly get to know him, love him.  He is smart, funny, ‘kool’, athletic, a family man, and a man of God. I could rave all day about him and talk for hours of fond memories with him.  But, that’s not what he wants for Father’s Day.  As an example of how truly great he is, all he requested for Father’s Day was that we do something for my Mom.

So, as a present to my Dad, an Ode for my Mom:
DeAnna, Lieber, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Leader, Comforter, Server,
But the name she cherishes most, to me, she is Mom.
She is the most kind, genuine, and loving person you will ever meet,
Though in competition and duties she is a little bomb!
No job is too small, no task is too big,
Thorough is a word I use to describe her.
She is the hardest worker I know,
and all her work is the opposite of amateur.
Her love and service for others is remarkable,
she goes above and beyond for everyone around.
I often wonder how she fits so much into each day,
Always thinking of others, she really deserves a crown.
Her talents are many and her humility is great,
She is athletic, musical, artistic, and funny to herself.
Her cooking is amazing and everyone’s favorite,
I try hard to emulate her in many ways myself.
At my highest and my lowest she is always there,
My shoulder to cry on and the voice on the line in the middle of the night.
She is there to comfort but never lets us coward,
Hope, Faith, Strength, Love, she gives us a reason to fight.
She married a great man and together they are one,
Her life is one that I hope to emulate.
My Momma is everything wonderful and true,
I love her forever – she is just so great!
Love you both, Mom and Dad – 
Happy Fathers Day 🙂