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6 Years.

6 years and 10 days ago was a hectic wonderful day.
6 years and 10 days ago was the day that was supposed to rain but didn’t because of prayers.

6 years and 10 days ago was the day I was late to my own reception.
6 years and 10 days ago was the day I married Nathan Anthony Houle for time and all eternity.

6 years and 10 days ago was the day I made the best decision of my life.

I have been thinking a lot about our marriage and the past 6 years and it’s made me so very grateful.  I got married as a freshly turned 20 year old and I’ll admit I didn’t think too seriously about the depth of marriage.  I knew I loved Nate and that I couldn’t live without him and that was all I needed at the time.

But as the years have gone by and as we’ve gone through many life’s ups and downs I’m starting to realize the reality and magnitude of marriage.  Of course there are some hard things about it, but the hard things don’t even compare to the joy, love, and comfort it brings.  We aren’t perfect beings so there isn’t a think such as a perfect marriage but the hopeless romantic side of me believes that Nate and I are pretty dang close.

It sounds silly, probably especially to the more ‘seasoned’ married people, but I truly love being married.  A big part of that, of course, has to do with Nate being just the best.  I am admittedly and unabashedly a ‘needy’ wife.  Not in the sense that I need Nate to do everything for me, but in the sense that I just need him; I need his strength. I need his comfort. I need his spirit. I need his love. Being married to him has made me a better person in all aspects.

A general authority once told me that I might love Nate for his good looks, his humor, his personality but I will grow to love him deeply for his soul. We are only 6 years into it, but I’m starting to grasp the depth of marriage and truly loving Nate for his soul.

Here’s to eternity and all the adventures it holds 🙂    

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