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2015 Christmas Card

We sent out some Christmas cards this year with a little ‘highlights’ poem.  And since I know that I didn’t get it out to everyone, here it is:

http://artuks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/christmas-holly-clip-art.pngHoule Highlights – 2015
us is the end of the year & the Holidays,
makes us reflect in so many ways.
back, grab a drink, and put up your feet,
the reflection of our year – it even has a beat!
was a big year full of big change,
job, house & places – quite the range!
feel extremely blessed for the way it all went,
lots of growth, learning & family time it was a year well spent!
As a family we traveled to
lots of places – some old, some new,
San Fran, Yellowstone,
Chicago, Montana & Boston to name a few.
The best being our 5 year
anniversary trip to Pureto Vallarta, Mexico,
With free food, sun,
relaxing, & adventures it had us like, “woah!”
Now to reflect each of us one
by one,
To see how individually we
got the year done.
We’ll start with our main
man domiNATE,
As he had the biggest year
with most on his plate.
Nate started the year
being blasted with a heavy dose of radiation,
By March he was declared CANCER FREE – we had a big
Nate didn’t skip a beat
after his cancer trial –handled it amazingly great,
In May he accepted the
Head XC/Track Coach job at Idaho State!
Both teams got smarter,
stronger, & improved along with their Coach,
After all he’s been
through there isn’t a thing he can’t approach!
Kacee took on this year
one running step at a time,
She learned she could
handle a lot, even when things aren’t sublime.
With Nate as her coach she
ran the Boston Marathon & lots of races,
She accomplished long time
goals with big PRs & even a few first places!
She learned & acquired
a new found love for home remodeling & design,
With Nate’s help she fixed
up their new place & made it shine!
Kacee has learned &
grown quite a lot through experiences & play,
Her belly growing the most
with a baby that will join us in May!
And last, but certainly
not least, our favorite, little Ames
He loves to run, jump,
kick, & play all sorts of games.
There isn’t a moment that
he isn’t moving, smiling, talking, or learning,
He’s smart as a whip, never
forgets a thing, his mind is always turning.
Ames’ love for trucks has
only grown deeper – firetrucks taking the cake,
He also loves to sing,
color, & give hugs & kisses – make our heart ache!
Nursery, swimming, &
playing with friends make this 2 year old happy,
He teaches us what is most
important & always makes us feel very sappy!
With big changes &
adventures 2015 was one of the best years,
We are thankful for you
& hope our reflection didn’t bore you to tears!
May your holiday season be
very merry & bright,
Let us not forget Christ
who is truly the light.
http://artuks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/christmas-holly-clip-art.pngMerry Christmas!