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I wrote this on November 30th, so let’s just pretend I published it then too:

I was scrolling through my blog the other day and notice that I, on average, posted one time per month. Seeing how today is the last day of the month, I shall do my duty:

I’m learning that winters in Pocatello are not my forte. It got freezing (as in highs around 32 degrees) the second November hit and hasn’t let up at all….only gotten worse.  Nate is loving it.  For some reason during cancer & ever since he has decided it is a life goal of his to become an Eskimo.  Like, he wants to live up in Alaska or somewhere that you have to ride snow mobiles around in the winter because they get so much snow and it’s so cold that the snow never melts.  I, on the other hand, am sad even when Fall hits.  My beloved warm weather, long days, & sunshine quickly come to an end.  I really try to embrace the cold and winter, but mostly, I just put my head down and trudge through. So here’s to trying & trudging all the same.  May my beloved warm weather & sunshine return sooner than later.

Pocatello is also starting to become a little lonely.  We are (practically) finished with this round of home renos and so I have found myself bored and lonely lately.  I know I need to kinda put myself out there to make friends, but it’s just hard.  I’m not shy per say, just real bad at small talk and the initial stages of friendship. I also miss my runners (I’m looking at you Jazzer, Heidi, Lakyn, & Laura) .  Lonely running is just not as fun.  It’s good for the soul every once in awhile but I miss the chats and secrets told while running with friends.  So, Pocatello peeps, come be my friend, & I won’t complain one bit if you like to run with me too 🙂

Mid November Nate finished his first official season as a head cross country coach.  It had its ups and downs & was a steep learning curve, but overall it went great.  Almost every athlete improved from last cross season.  And whether big or small, improvement is all you can ever ask for, really.  I love seeing Nate in his element and was super grateful that I was able to travel to all but 2 of the races.  During college I became more of a track lover so I’m real excited for January to come and bring the start of Indoor Track with it….Go Bengals!

Nate had a doctor appointment with Dr. Hunt down at huntsman a little over a week ago.  He got a scan and still no cancer!  Though things are getting more real with all of his follow-up surgeries he has to do.  He still can’t open his mouth more than 1 finger’s width, his left eye leaks/gets gunky constantly, and his sinus in his forehead is blocked off because of scar tissue from his surgery.  So from now till July he is going to get 3 more surgeries.  The eye & the sinus surgery shouldn’t be too bad – they are in and out same day.  But the jaw he has to stay over night & it’s going to bring a decent amount of pain.  Though pretty much any surgery is nothing compared to what he did a year ago 🙂 so we aren’t too worried.  I’m just glad that we are getting the surgeries and having a babe all within the same year so we only have to pay that $7,000 deductible once (well, as glad as anyone can be about paying $7,000, ha).

Speaking of having a babe, this pregnancy is coming along nicely.  With Nate’s cancer treatments we weren’t sure we would be able to have kids again so we are feeling super grateful for this babe. I’m 17 weeks today and feeling good.  I get most pregnancy symptoms, but none are too intense.  I’ve thrown up 3 times & felt blah for awhile. But these past few weeks the nausea is fading and I’m getting more energy.  Thank heaven for the 2nd trimester!  My only complaint with this pregnancy is I got pregnant when I wasn’t running a ton.  Therefore, I haven’t been able to run as much as I did with Ames.  I still get in 5 miles a day, so hopefully I can just keep that up!  My goal is to run till 35 weeks, same as with Ames.  We will see if this babe is as nice to me as Ames was with being active!  We get to find out what we are having in about 2 weeks and I’m super pumped.  Nate is CONVINCED it’s a girl.  I am seriously happy either way 🙂  I’m mostly just excited to find out the gender so I have a reason to redo the last bedroom upstairs, ha.

baby bumpin…17 weeks!

This past week we got to spend with my immediate family down in Tucson!  It was so fun and just perfect.  The weather was in the 80s, went hiking, saw a couple movies, went swimming, played tennis, ping pong, football, went on warm runs, ate like royalty, & we got to see all my Dad’s old romping grounds.  It was the perfect amount of doing stuff and just hanging out – just what I needed.  I’m so grateful for my family and that we are all friends on top of being related.  It’s real hard that everyone is so spread out, but it makes trips together all the more fun 🙂  Ames is the only grandkid and so he got properly spoiled.  But so did Nate & I.  Every morning I would get him out of his crib and bring him into bed with us.  And as soon as Ames heard someone else awake, he would climb over me, off the bed, and run out.  Then Nate & I continued to sleep for another 2 hours….it was a great week 🙂

(we were TERRIBLE at taking pictures.  these ones at the Hoover Dam on our drive down are the only ones we have. Luckily my parents took lots!)

All in all life is going real good.  Although I dislike the cold, I am very grateful for the holiday season.  It’s a great reminder of what’s important in life – our blessings, family, giving, learning to receive, & our Savior.

Until next month! 😉

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  1. I was touched by your story on the newspaper. I wish your family the best. My father died from cancer in 2008, and my mother is battling cancer now. She was about to die last year, but Reliv nutrition is keeping her alive and she is doing better. I recommend you to check into it if you haven't heard about it. I was just grateful that someone told me about it three years ago.

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