On My Mind

Ames Anthony: the big 2.

It happened.

Ames turned 2.

I saw the little birthday cake I drew on October 15th drawing closer and closer for weeks.  But, as it goes with life, it still snuck up on me.

Today I am a couple different things…

a little sad.

My baby is not a baby anymore.  I was staring at his changing table the other day.  I remember so many times per day laying his cute little self down and spending more time making faces at him then I did actually changing his diaper.  Now that changing table is riddled with toys, sippy cups with left over milk (ew), and books. It’s a little sad that he will never be my chunky, ginger, always happy baby anymore.    

But mostly very happy.

Though I do miss his baby days, I am mostly very happy watching him grow.  I know a lot of moms cry when they move their child up in clothes, but it makes my heart happy.  Partly because I feel like I’m “doing it.” I’m raising a CHILD! He’s growing! He’s getting smarter! He’s progressing! Things that I always worried about I am accomplishing.  It’s a big point of pride to me seeing the little boy he is growing up to be.  And my oh my. What a little boy he is!

Ames is HAPPY. It’s probably his most frequent and my favorite compliment he receives…”He’s a happy little guy!” Yes, yes he is 🙂 There isn’t much that can get this kid down.  He has truly been a gigantic blessing in our lives these past couple years – helped us stay happy when things were hard.

Ames is SMART.  I don’t like the “compare our children” thing that happens.  But this is his birthday post so I’m taking advantage of bragging about him.  He knows all of his letters. All of his colors. Knows numbers 1- 10 by sight and can count to 15. He ‘mostly’ knows how to spell his name (tells me what letters to write) and can ‘read’ (has memorized) his name, BooBoo (his cousin), Mommy & Daddy. He knows how to operate tablets/phones better than I do. He remembers EVERYTHING! If you tell him you will do something, even if it’s days away, you better stick to it cause he will hound you if you don’t! He even has a few books memorized that we read a lot.  I love watching him “read” even though I know he just has it memorized and isn’t actually reading.  He is seriously always surprising me on everything he knows.  I would like to take credit for his genius, but I can’t.  I am definitely not a super mom that works with him a lot.  Like I mentioned, he just remembers EVERYTHING.  So if we go over something a few times it’s locked and stored in that big head of his.  Guess it’s big for a good reason 🙂

Ames is ACTIVE. He is constantly moving.  One of his favorite past times is running.  He just runs and runs and runs some more.  I am not getting my hopes up that we have a future all-star runner on our hands (though I’m secretly rooting for it) but he sure loves to run!  He also loves “soccer ball” and will run around like crazy with a ball at his feet (also secretly hoping for the next Messi).

Ames is CURIOUS.  He is always asking me “that?” When I get off the phone “that?” When he sees something new in a book “that?”. When he hears a new sound “that?”  I am constantly explaining to him things of the world.  He definitely keeps me on the toes and tests how much I know!

Ames is LOVING.  It’s not hard to get kisses or “hucks” from him.  One of his favorite things (and my ALL TIME favorite thing) are family hugs.  Every time he sees me and Nate hugging/kissing he runs over to us, puts his arms up, and asks for “hucks!”  We pick him up and do big family hugs and the grin on his face is the absolute best thing in the world.  Family hugs have to be what heaven feels like.

Ames is a FRIEND.  He loves people. Always has.  He especially loves kids.  Anyone 10 and under is game to him and he always strolls on up and starts playing.  And it goes both ways – our 6 year old next door neighbor comes over a few times a week asking if Ames can play. You won’t hear him giggle or squeal louder than when he’s with his buds.  His very best bud being his cousin, Boo Boo (Brooks).

Ames is everything GOOD.  He’s quick to smile, slow to anger.  Always loving, hardly mean (he is still a toddler…so “mine” still happens).  Full of energy & light.  And wise beyond his years.  I don’t know how, but he reads me so perfectly.  I can’t count how many times he’s given me a hug or a kiss or been happy or sweet at the perfect time.  He is truly full of goodness.

If you can’t tell – I truly love my ‘little’ (not baby) Ames.  In the 2 short years he has been with us he has taught us so much.  He is an enormous blessing & I don’t know how I got so lucky to be his Momma. I couldn’t be more proud of the person he is and is becoming.

Happy Birthday, to my Sweet Cheeks!