On My Mind

98th percentile.

Let’s talk about our little baby boy.

more specifically his head.

It’s always been huge. Don’t get me started on trying to get it out of me.

When he was learning how to sit up and walk it made him tip countless of times.

But little did we know that his big head would lead to more than bumps and bruises.

A few weeks ago when we were in Atlanta I went on a run at the Chattahoochee river.  Alongside the river they have a long dirt path that has trails and nature walks coming off of it.  I went up in the trails on a run with my girl, Katharine, and Nate decided to take Ames on one of the little nature walks.  These nature walks are little board walks that hover about 1.5 feet over the swampy river land.

Nate and Ames walked the half mile on the dirt path to the nature walk and everything was going great.  Ames was loving it.  Just a few feet in on the little nature walk Ames noticed that there was water (wa wa) below them.  Lately he has been loving anything with water…lakes, rivers, cups, etc.  He is a fan of water.  So, obviously, he was captivated by the water below them.  He was on the edge of the little board walk and Nate thought it was a good photo op. But as he was pulling out his phone for a picture.  Ames’ head got the best of him…

his 98th percentile head, that is.

I guess he got a little too captivated by the “wa wa” and leaned a little too far over the edge and before Nate could get to him…

He fell the 1.5 feet down and his head stuck in the swampy, water-mud!  Nate said that he lingered with his feet straight up in the air for a few seconds before his feet tipped and he landed on his back.

Nate had to jump down and rescue him which left him with mud up to the middle of his calves.  The water was freezing cold and so Ames was a shivering, muddy little thing.  And the best part of this whole story was as Nate was carrying the pitiful Ames back to the car…

As they made their way back, two older woman came to his aid.  One had some tissues that she used to wipe the mud out of Ames’ eyes.  The other, wailed how bad she felt for Ames and gave Nate a “black momma” talkin’ to…

“He gonna make me cry!  Look at those big blue eyes covered in mud!”

talking to Nate,

“You needa watch your child!”

I guess Ames kept asking for me too, to which she replied,

“Oh he knows…Your momma knows what to do! She gonna make it all better!”

I really, just really, love the south.  And I really, just really, miss all the “black mommas” in my life.

When they finally made it to the car, Nate stripped off Ames’ clothes, and blasted the heater.  Once I was done with my run, and after a good laugh as Nate recounted the story, we headed back to our hotel room where I proceeded to wash Ames at least 4 times.

Oh parenting.

Oh the south.

and Oh.

that 98th percentile head.