On My Mind

a lame post for you, Jasmyn Kapree.

My sister, Jazzy, Ja Ja, Bumblebee, Big Dawg, Jazzmoncool, J. Fresh, Jasmyn Kapree Hildebrandt, called me out about slacking and requested a blog.

so, this one is for you, Jazzy Girl.

This past 3 weeks have been absolutely crazy.  Nate accepted a job working for Tomax in downtown SLC.  We packed up, rented our townhouse, and were officially out of Cedar City in less than a week.  We moved into my grandparents’ house…my grandparents already moved to St. George (had to move quick because their health was poor) so it worked out great that we could live in their house and be in charge of packing up their house, fixing a few things, staging it, and getting it ready to be listed to sell.  So in the 2 weeks and a day that we have lived up here we have spent almost everyday cleaning and packing and moving and cleaning and packing and moving.  Oh, and forgot to mention that MY BIG BROTHER GOT MARRIED last Thursday!  Which meant we had my whole family here for a week and lots of other family stay here last week.  It was sooo fun having all of my family here!  It’s only been a couple days since they have left and I already am having withdrawals.  uhhh.

Needless to say though, doing all that in 3 weeks has been super hectic!  I’m happy to say that my grandparents house is officially ready to sell!  We scheduled a photographer to come and take pictures today and I am proud of all my hard work.  As hard as it was though… I actually enjoyed it.  I feel like I know my grandparents better now.  It’s amazing how just packing up a couple can tell you a lot about how they lived and what things are important to them.  And I can say this much for my grandparents….they loved reading and learning, they loved their family, they were both pretty organized, and they were VERY prepared (hello whole closet full of light bulbs…).  I am super grateful for the opportunity I had to get their house ready. Though I’m super sad to see the ‘For Sale’ sign in the lawn.  I have always loved this house and am bummed to see it go.

Here are a few pictures of their house all staged…it doesn’t look like much…I should have taken before and after pictures…but it is very different than it was before! And it’s hard staging only using what my grandparents owned! But, I was happy with how it turned out.

Well, it’s late and all the cleaning and moving furniture around has made this for a really boring blog post.  If I wasn’t so tired I do have some stuff a brewing in my head…

liiiike I wanna write about my Brotha’s wedding.

and how it’s like totally weird living back in the 801.

and how Ames is just too good these days.

and how I am like, not a runner anymore.

and how I still want to be a runner.

and how I miss Nate coaching.

and how Nate is really hot.

and how he gets embarrassed when I say stuff like that.

and how I’m SUPER excited for Tessa to have her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and how I’m really good at rambling.

and how it feels really good just to write whatever the heck comes into your mind.

and how…well…ya know, just stuff.

sorry to everyone who read all that.

and, sorry, J. Fresh.

This is a lame post.

Buuuuuuuut….I’ll do another one for you, mmmmk?

Until then, stay Fresh n’ Clean.

Like Ames & I did today when we played out in the rain….