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man arms and a moustache.

Being pregnant is, like, the most womanly thing you could possibly do.  It transforms your body in ways you never thought possibly (ex: I remember being 30 weeks along and declaring that my belly absolutely could NOT stretch out anymore…).

Yet, unfortunately for me…

the most womanly thing has turned me into a man.


2 reasons. Man arms and a moustache.

I’ve never had “womanly” arms to begin with.  Thanks to what we refer to the (said in the toughest voice you can muster) “hiiiiiiildebrandt” genes, I’ve always had more muscular arms.  But thanks to running, they were never too big.

Insert becoming a Mom who carries around 22 lbs of dead weight all day erryday —> man arms.

sorry for the repost of the picture….but note: THE MAN ARMS! (and you can see the moustache here too)

I could live with becoming more of a man if it were only the arms.  But unfortunately Baby Ames left me with a moustache.

I (unfortuantely) got what they call the “pregnancy mask”.  But in my case, it’s not a mask…I just have two dark spots right about my lip that seriously look like a moustache.

People kept telling that it will fade over time….almost 10 months later it is still going strong…ugh.

Funny story about it though….as I was getting ready one day when I was pregnant I was complaining about my ‘moustache’ to Nate.  He kept assuring me that it wasn’t even noticeable…we met up with my sister, J. Fresh, like 10 mins after and first thing she said to me was, “Did you drink chocolate milk or something? What’s above your lip?”


if anyone wanted to know how I look on a Sunday night while writing a blog post…here you go.  but please note the MOUSTACHE. ugh. 


there isn’t too much I can do about my man arms…and plus, they do come in handy 🙂

BUT, all you beauticians….what can I use to get rid of my moustache?!  I’m sick of waiting for it to just fade. Def not working.

So, if any of you have any suggestions…help a WOMAN out!

Down with the moustache!

p.s. I looked it up….”mustache” is the U.S. way to spell it…”moustache” is the preferred way of all the main varieties of English…just FYI. ha.

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  1. Blasted pregnancy! I literally just wrote a post about how badly I hate being pregnant. Haha your arms are amazing, PS! I do not notice your "mustache" but good luck.

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