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Day 9: My Family.

From left to right: Shea Majik (17), Jasmyn Kapree (20), Momma (DeAnna, 29), Pops (Konrad, 29), Aisha Salome (11), Rhett Dustin (26), Your Truly (23), Nathan Anthony (28)

I, for reals, have the best family ever.  I know everyone says that, but really guys, mine is the very best. 😉

The Hildebrandt Clan are definitely a lively bunch.  When Nate started coming over to our house a lot when we were dating I could barely get a word out of him.  He said that we were all “sooo loud!” haha.  He was not used to the ‘volume’ of our house and it took him a while to warm up to it before he felt comfortable enough to join the commotion.  I never really thought we were loud, but after Nate pointed it out, I realized not only were we ‘blessed’ with big strong voices, we used them.  Phone is for someone upstairs? Just yell and tell him.  Other people are talking but you have something ‘more important’ to say? Just talk louder!  Taking a shower? Why not put the music on full blast and belt along with it (ahem, Shea)!  Not only do we have loud voices, we all were blessed with ‘strong’ personalities.  And admittedly, I am one of the strongest of them all….I hate to lose an argument (though I hardly do, I, of course, am always right) There were very few times we made it through family home evening  without some kind of argument. Luckily, the arguments seldom turned into anything more.  We just all have our opinions and think everyone should know what each one is!

Yes, we might be loud, but our loudness means that we are interacting with each other.  Some of the best times I have had with my family are just laying off couches (each of us at weird angles) chatting about everything and anything, reminiscing, listening to my Dad tell stories of his childhood, and laughing…definitely laughing.  Laughing at my older brother who is so quick (and smart) witted you don’t get half of his jokes…and if you do it takes you like 3 minutes to process.  Laughing at my Momma while she laughs at her own jokes.  Laughing at J.Fresh who is shaking her hips like Beyonce.  Laughing at the Majik Man because he put another dent into the car (too soon, Shea?).  Laughing at Baby Aisha because she is too smart for her own good sometimes (she beats me in games like ‘100 Floors’ and mind puzzles like that…)  Laughing at my Pops as he tells a story we can all quote word for word.  Laughing at Nate and his sarcastic comments.  And laughing at me ‘casue I’m just so funny…right, guys!? (so really I’m probably the least funny in my family…*sigh*) We aren’t a go, go, go family, which is just fine with me (most of the time…not when we are on vacation in a cool place and all we do is sit in the hotel…Dad…).  We like to just enjoy each other’s company.  However, when we do go…we go pretty hard…  

Along with our loud-opinionated-ness also comes a family who is highly competitive.  We get out and play family sports quite often and as much as they are fun, you play to win.  Whether it be basketball, football, soccer, baseball, kickball, tennis, races, we’ve done them all.  I was actually a little scared when Nate first played football (our annual turkey bowl) with us before we were engaged. I knew that he was a super fast, freakin’ hott runner….but I had never seen him play any other sports.  And not that my family AT ALL would have something against someone who isn’t into sports…it was important to me to have a husband that could/would play sports with us and not look like a fool doing it.  My worries were quickly washed away as he shut down my cocky baby brother and left the game with my uncle seriously convinced he could have gone into the NFL haha.  I’ve probably gotten more injured in family sports than in actual competition….concussion, balls to the face, scraps, bruises…like I said, we go hard. But, I like it best that way 🙂

So. Loud, opinionated, competitive….sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?  To be frank, sometimes it is.  We get mad at each other, arguments sometimes graduate into fights, we annoy each other…but when everything boils down, we love each other.  I never doubt this.  If I talk to any person on the phone the conversation always ends in a ‘I love you.’  We love each other and we are fiercely loyal.  So although we have flaws, our love and loyalty to each other trumps them all.

I’m so grateful for my forever family.

Thanks Daddio, Momma, Big Brother, Jazzy Fresh, Majik Man, Baby Aisha, Nate & my Baby Ames for being the perfect family for me.  I love you all soooooooooo sooo much.

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Special shout-out to these two! They are getting hitched in September and we are so excited!!  Finally, I’m not going to be the only one married 🙂  I’m super excited to have Mary as my new sister!