On My Mind

Day 8: Likes & Dislikes

this is probably going to be random…

– SUNSHINE.  I am craving this one soooo much.  It has been nice here in Cedar, I will admit, but I’m ready for the hot, sunburn you sun.  The kind where you feel like you want to go and jump in a swimming pool.  That’s the kind I like.  I actually enjoy running in really hot weather and having the sun beat down on me…it feels good 🙂
– My baby boy.  Ames seriously is my little happy pill.  He makes sitting at home all the day long totally worth it.  Anytime I am having a hard day, his big ol smile reminds me that it is all worth it
– Husband. duh.
– My families.  Love them. Miss them.
– Adventures.  Semi-permanent adventures like moving to a new place, traveling adventures, or just plain ol romping around outside somewhere adventures.
– Cleaning.  Mostly because I like having a clean and organized house.  But I actually don’t mind the actual cleaning process (most of the time…). I usually turn on a talk, book, or some tunes and just go to work.
– Massages. If you want to win my heart over…give me a massage or play with my hair. You’ll be my very best friend.
– Running.  I think we’ve been through this one enough to know why.
– Peeing after I’ve held it for a really long time…talk about relief!
– Remodeling. So, I actually have a love/hate relationship with this…I love planning and designing, but the actual process of doing it is frustrating sometimes!
– Hot (really hot) baths.
– Reminiscing.
– Eating healthy…but always adding “a little sugar on top”
– Nagging things.  I don’t get bugged by big things…but when I have a twitching muscle or something like that, it drives me nuts.
– Feeling Anxious.
– Being super excited about something and then not being able to do it…a little pathetic, but I get super bummed out.
– Filling up with gas.  I really don’t like spending money on cars! yuck.
– Mushrooms & especially olives. soooooooo gross!
– Seeing people I love hurt or sad.
– Folding Laundry (I have a huge pile on our bed waiting to be folded right now….uhhhh)
– Having fear limit me
– My knees
– Watching my baby boy get shots! this happened yesterday. worst ever. especially since right before the shots he was so happy!
– Disrespect.
yeah…pretty random.  I just wrote whatever popped into my little noggin’!  But, good news, all caught up! Go me! 🙂