On My Mind

Day 6: My Spouse aka Nathan Anthony Houle

I apologize in advance if this gets a little too mushy gushy….

As cliche’ as it is…Nate for reals is my everything.  I don’t know if he would have signed up for this gig if he knew all the different roles he was going to have to play.  He is my best friend, my tutor, my coach, my lover, my therapist, my comfort, my excitement, my comedian, my example, my…everything.  Especially since having a baby I realized how much I NEED him.  I was reading in THIS article in the January Ensign and there was this quote by Elder Jeffery Holland…

 β€œOne of the great purposes of true love is to help each other. … We can endure almost anything if we have someone at our side who truly loves us, who is easing the burden and lightening the load.”

 This is honestly how I feel.  I feel like I can make it through anything as long as I have Nate by my side.  Not only will I make it through, I’ll have much more fun with Nate by my side.  I’m proud to say that after (almost) 4 years I still have so much fun with Nate and get excited to see him everyday when he gets home from work.  I remind him all the time that we can’t lose that excitement…but really, I’m not too worried.

Nate is an amazing man.  He comes off somewhat shy, but he really isn’t.  He ‘thinks’ he isn’t good is social situations, but he is the only one that thinks it.  He really is someone that everyone loves.  He is very ‘chill’ about things but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.  Quite on the contrary, he is very passionate about things.  He loves coaching and fills me in right to the last detail on what he is currently doing with his work (which I love, btw).  He also is very curious and does more than just ‘wonder’ about things.  He is constantly looking things up and learning about everything under the sun…and beyond the sun πŸ˜‰  This definitely helps me too because he is always teaching me things and filling me in on what is going on in our world.  Nate is a very loyal and honest man too.  He does the right thing because he knows that’s the way things should be – he’s never looking for praise.  He also loves to go on adventures and just live life.  He has told me plenty of times he doesn’t want to live a sheltered life…and I’m totally on board.

Nate really is my favorite person in the whole entire world…and he will be forever.  I am sure lucky that he looked past my grumpy-ness the first time we met and chose me to be his wife.

Love you Husband Man, always and forever.