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Day 5: Our Wedding Day

Sorry for the delay on these posts!  Like I said previously, we journeyed to Seattle and I was busy soaking up all the time I had with Nate since I’m usually a single Mom for half of the week each week.  I’ll do a recap on our Seattle fun once I get caught up.

Anyway, back to business…

Our wedding was a looooooooong awaited day.  A little secret (okay, not so secret) thing about me is I am not a patient person.  Once I make up my mind about something, I want to accomplish it as fast as I can!  So once Nate and I decided to get married (he proposed December 28th…another story for another time) I wanted to get married right away!  Only problem was…he was going/running for Southern Utah University and I was at & running for University of Utah.  It just wasn’t possible for us to get married until summer….we set our date for May 19th and I (not so happily) endured the LONGEST 4.5 months of my life!  Some people love being engaged…I didn’t.  I just wanted to be married to my messy-haired man!  But, somehow I made it to May 19th alive and had a day that didn’t disappoint…

 It started bright & early on a beautiful May morning (the day before had rained and rained & I was stressing because our reception was outside!), here, at the Draper Temple…
I was sealed to my groom for time and all eternity. One of the best moments of my life.  I still think about the feeling of sealed and our first kiss as a married couple and I get giddy.
I got the best 3 new brother and sisters 🙂 
And some more parents
My parents were there supporting and loving me and my groom.
The ‘Hildebrandt 5’ became the ‘Hildebrandt 6’ 
I made my bouquet (with my cousins help) and it was warm, bright colors with tulips mixed in. We actually put together all the flowers the night before…kinda a stressful thing, but it worked out in the end!  I am super thankful Jazzman Cool had taken a floral design class! 🙂
There was lots of this.
And even more of this.
All my best friends were there.
My amazing chef/new brother and amazing chef/new sister made a delicious lunch
These two rascals (my cousin & baby sister) ran around the entire day, being the life of the party. 
I wore these babies.
Later that night, the reception was a simple and very cute backyard one.  I was surprised how well it turned out.  The day before it seemed like nothing was going right!  But it all worked out…even the lights strung from the top of the deck to the fence all stayed up and looked amazing!
It was filled with lots and lots of….
Beautiful flowers.
The reception was  fun.  I came out to the reception to find this…Nate and his best man (Tanner) doing flips and ish on the trampoline 🙂
I always wanted a reception where people could actually do things and have fun…I think we pulled it off 🙂
Our cake was in the shape of our temple…I loved it.
We had a line that looped around the entire backyard!  I initially didn’t want to do a line…but I actually loved it.  I loved saying thank you and seeing all of the people that came to support us.

This still makes me laugh…When we were cutting the cake Nate made the pieces HUGE.  Like normal pieces of cake…he didn’t get the only a bite thing haha.  I was laughing so hard.
I have only seen my Dad cry (get teary eyed) 3 times in my life…this was one of them.  So of course, I balled. Love my Daddy.
Lots of dancing
The bouquet toss

Oh and P.S., Nate was, like, super hott the whole day might I add.
they decorated (silly stringed!) inside our car…haha.  It took months to get it all clean…just a little reminder of our good day each time we got in our car I guess!
Our wedding day definitely wasn’t perfect (the ice cream machine broke, the luncheon was really late, etc) but I was suuuuper happy the entire day.  I was so ready to start my life with Nate and once we were sealed, nothing could damper my mood.  I always tell Nate that I wish we could go back and relive the day…it was that good.  And my excitement was for good reason…life since getting married has been better than I could have asked for!
Below are a few more pictures from the day…
The earrings I wore Nate had given me for V-Day earlier that year…secretly hoping I would wear them on our wedding day 🙂