On My Mind

Day 4: New Year’s Resolutions

without further adieu, here they are:

– Be a devoted Mother to Ames – think of fun activies for him and make him my first priorty during the days
-Be a devoted wife.  Serve, love, and support Nate as best I can.

– Sub 3:00 marathon & Sub 1:20 half-maratho
– Be more confident in myself when Nate leaves on track trips
– Find a ‘simple’ hobby…I have plenty of things I want to do (aka remodel our house) but most cost mucho mula… I need to find something I can do frequently that is inexpensive, and heck, maybe even earn a little money
– Actually go visiting teaching  each month (for you non-lds folks, visiting teaching is a thing we do in our church.  You are assigned a companion and you and your companion are assigned 2 other woman of the congreation.  You and your companion are supposed to go and visit them once a month.  It’s a system to uplift, make friends, and just get everyone more aquainted)  
– Paint at least one picture I am proud enough to hang in our house
– Blog and/or write in my journal at least once a week
–  Smile at others more. even stranges. Just smile as I walk past people
– Serve more…try to serve someone each day.  Even if it is as simple as a complementary text message
– Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
– Call my siblings more often
– Cook dinner at least 3x per week
– Read at least one book per month
I could probably go on, but spreading yourself too thin is not a good thing! Something I do too often. Hopefully I can look back on this post next year and be proud that I did everything!