On My Mind

Day 3: +/- 5 years of my life.

Sorry for missing yesterday!  It was a crazy day trying to get ready for our big trip to Seattle which we took today.  The trip went great! I was super nervous for it…so nervous that I had a hard time falling asleep and of all nights Ames decided to wake up at 2am…and then we had to be up by 4:30 am to leave…so it started off with little sleep, but Ames was seriously a champ!  He slept pretty much the whole 2.5 hour drive to Las Vegas, chilled in his stroller before and after the plane, and he even endured 2 take-offs/landings like a boss.  He was good…and super cute on top of it all! Nate kept lifting him up while we were on the plane and he was giving some big ol smiles to the people behind us – they were loving him.  Big thanks to the SUU track team for letting us tag along! I know rolling with a baby isn’t the coolest…but we are loving it 🙂

Alright, now for the topic at hand….

– 5 Years:

The last 5 years have been the most eventful and best years ever.  5 years ago I was about a month into my second semester of college as a Freshman at Paradise Valley Community College.  I had fulfilled my dream of moving out of Utah after graduation and was loving being in Phoenix running cross country and track for my Uncle’s Brother.  I still to this day (especially in the middle of winter…) craaaave that Arizona sun. mmm mmm, I was lovin’ it.  I only spent a year at PVCC but I had so much fun living out on my own and growing into myself.  There were a lot of hard times that year and I learned a lot of things the hard way…but mostly it was filled with life-long friendships, miles and miles of running with the sun beating on my face and shoulders, and getting my first (and last, luckily) C on my report card as a consequence of staying up laughing with my roommates a few too many nights 🙂

I truly did love being in Arizona, but the summer after my freshman year I had a strong feeling that I wasn’t supposed to return.  It was a super hard (and last minute) decision, but I ended up moving to SLC to attend and run for the University of Utah my sophomore year.  I had a really hard time deciding if I should go to the U or not…but the scales got tipped after things ended up going really well with this one messy-haired kid I worked with in the running store that summer.  I now know that me moving back to Utah was pretty much solely because of the messy-haired co-worker of mine.  You see, if I had gone back to AZ I wouldn’t have ever seen him and things probably would have drifted away….but instead, we were only 4 hours apart and we both drove our parents houses every free weekend we could (our parents lived 15 mins away) and, ya know…first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. #boom #wedoneitall

I really did enjoy my time at the U (when I wasn’t consumed with grief from missing messy-hair) and ended up making some more life-long friends and getting a whole new experience in life.  At the end of my sophomore year messy-hair-hottie-mc-hott-hott said our ‘I Dos’ and at the end of that summer, he whisked me down south to good ol’ Atlanta…which, when we first got there, I was convinced we had gone to a whole new country.  Hello culture shock.  If anyones knows me (which I’m pretty sure the 5 of you who actually read my blog do) then ‘y’all’ know that our 2 years in the ATL were just plain boss.  It started out suuuuper rocky, but we ended up leaving with countless memories, teammates who are way more than friends to me, messy-hair and I are closer and more in love (awwww), and we just had our own amazing little adventure.

This past year since leaving Georgia and moving to Cedar City has been another huge year of growing up.  Both Nate and I got ‘grown-up’ jobs with salary and benefits, we bought a townhouse, bought a car, HAD A BABY, I ‘retired’, and ya know, just shot right on up in the ‘check-list’ of life.  All these changes have been both incredibly hard and yet, incredible.  I am so blessed to be where I am currently in life.

+ 5 Years: (don’t worry, this one will be shorter since you are probably sick of ready already)

I have actually been thinking a lot of where I want to be in these coming years.  And although I don’t have a perfect picture, I have a pretty good idea…

I want to be happy, devoted, and content as I stay-at-home with our (hopefully) 3 kids (yes…I want to ‘get ’em done’ and pop out these babies sooner than later, at least that is what we are thinking right now).  I want to have found and be established in my own ‘thing.’  Like maybe a fitness instructor, or maybe I have my own side little business, or maybe..I dunno, just something.  I am currently trying to figure out what that ‘something’ is.  But I’m confident I’ll be well on my way with it in 5 years.  I want to also grow into a woman that serves others more.  I am somewhat shy when it comes to people I don’t know well which makes serving difficult for me.  There have been times I have made treats for neighbors but had Nate deliver them because I was too chicken…pathetic, I know. But it’s something I want to get better at!  I hope to have run a few PRs too…namely sub 2:55 in the marathon and sub 1:18 in the Half…and maybe I’ll attempt that dang 5k again in the next 5 years.  I hope to also be a better friend.  Again, with the shyish thing, I tend to not reach out to others as much as I should, even my best friends!  I know I love when I get random calls from my friends, so hopefully I can be much better at doing that for others!  And last, but not least, I hope to be even more in love with my messy-haired husband…which, if the trend continues, won’t be hard to do (again, awwwwww, amiright?)

phew.  Sorry for the super long post.  I hope that this wasn’t too boring 🙂