On My Mind

Day 1: My Background Story

I’ve had a really great life.  Better than I could have imagined.  It all started on March 29th in good ol’ Utah County.  I was born into a family with parents who love me unconditionally and a big brother that taught me at an early age that sometime life knocks you down & you just have to get back up (he would knock me down when I was learning to walk, and then cheer when I would stand back up).  I lived the first 8 years in Utah County and majority of the time was in a great neighborhood just above the canal.  The neighborhood was a dead end as it had 2 cul-de-sacs.  It was the ideal setting for us young bucks.  I, along with my older brother, little sister and brother, and other neighborhood kids romped around that neighborhood and had all sorts of fun.  I distinctly remember many summer nights which started with someone ringing our doorbell and declaring that night games were happening.  Hardly any of the neighbors had fences, and since our street dead ended very few cars drove by. This resulted in kids sprinting around with no worries playing kick-the-can, steal-the-flag, sardines, and all sorts of nightly games.  I remember the thrill of lying flat on my belly under a trampoline in a neighbors yard, hiding. And the thrill of running to kick the can or yelling that our ‘enemies’ were coming for us.  During the days we climbed trees, played in the fields which lead to the great mountain which were right behind our backyard, rode bikes, and just play had fun.  My family would take walks down the dirt canal road and, if we were lucky, we would walk all the way to the bridge and play ‘pooh sticks’ (Winnie the Pooh, anyone?).  I loved living in Lindon and still to this day really enjoy that city; it’s just cute.

At the beginning of my third grade year we moved to Kaysville, Utah.  I remember that this felt like a HUGE move.  It was only an hour away, but we were leaving everything we had ever known.  I remember feeling scared and not wanting to go.  But once in Kaysville, we ended up having a good time.  We lived there till my 6th grade year.  We spent lots of time at a park that was bordered by 3 big ponds and loved to watch all the different types of birds that migrated there.  And oh, the frogs! When it rained their the frogs would leave the ponds and invade our yards and streets.  We would try and catch as many as we can, and then try to sell them.  Problems was, they were everywhere! #inflation.  They became somewhat of a hassle too – they would get caught in the basement window wells and if we didn’t get them out, we had to shovel out dead frogs a few weeks later.  In Kaysville is where I would say my running career began.  When I was 10 my Dad challenged me to train for a the Freedom Festival 5k on the 4th of July.  We began training and would run the same trail a few mornings each week.  I remember him waking me up in the mornings and not wanting to go, but every time I got up I was happy I did.  Some of the most special runs were when we diverged from our trial a big and went over an over pass and ran to a horse lodging company.  Early in the morning the workers would be out feeding all the horses in the stalls and they would let me and my dad in for free to go and pet the horses.  I was in love with horses at this time in my life so you can imagine my excitement.  My favorite was when some of the mares had their babies.  I remember one particular morning we ran to the horses and, while usually the mares wouldn’t let me near their babes, one Momma horse allowed me to pet her baby….not only pet, but hug!  Oh, I was in heaven.  I wanted to stay and pet and hug that little colt all day, but, my dad pulled me back to real life and we begun our run back on wobbly legs.  We had lots of fun runs, but my Dad challenged me each day to run a little faster or go a little further.  One morning my Mom came with us and, as my Dad always did, he pushed me to keep going even though I was tired.  I remember my Mom getting mad at my Dad for ‘hurting her baby.’  I have the perfect combination of parents I realize now, a mother that was nurturing and never wants me in any kind of discomfort, and a Dad who pushes me to my limits. I did run the 5k later that summer…and ended up throwing up down the home stretch because my Dad kept me going and definitely pushed me to my limits.

My Dad got a new job in the middle of my 6th grade year which resulted to our family moving back to Utah County to Cedar Hills.  I remember not really enjoying the last few months of my 6th grade year, I was the new girl and never really ‘clicked’ with anyone.  However, I had great friends in our ward which made that time in my life exciting.  Cedar Hills is my ‘hometown’.  I loved living there and miss it still to this day.  We lived right on the base of a mountain and I had access to trails just 200 meters from my front porch.  Those trails & roads of Cedar Hills/Highland/Alpine area became my growing grounds.  I put in miles and miles around those cities and had sooo many fun times doing it.  My cross country team became my pseudo family.  From helping each other through the hard times, to cheering for our successes, to having plain ol’ fun (hello ultimate spoons with the spoons in the bottom of the pool!) I came to have some awesome jr. high and high school days.  During 7th-10th grade basketball was a big part of my life.  I played on a competitive team, and then made the jr. high team and felt, well, like baller.  The end of my 9th grade year I ran track and really loved it, and discovered that I wasn’t half bad.  I ended up joining cross country (Join Cross Country!) that summer after my 9th grade year and since then haven’t looked back.  Running became my ‘thing’ and no matter how fast or slow I am, I think it will be my thing throughout my life.  I could go on and on about running, but it is sufficient to say it played a big role in my high school years.  A lot of my best friends came through running and I was able to have lots of success with it in high school.  Probably the high light of my high school career was placing 3rd at State Cross Country & 4th over all divisions.  I remember feel SO cool!  I still get happy remembering that day 🙂  

Another thing I loved during my high school years was the proximity of my Dad’s work.  He worked a mile from our home and a mile from my school.  There were many times where I would drive to his work for lunch or, ya know, during a class I wouldn’t want to go to.  He usually would be mad if I ever ditched a class, but I knew if I ditched a class because I wanted to go and sit in his office and talk, he never would send me back.  I loved that he was so close and so involved in our lives.  I know there are many kids that don’t have a dad that is able to do that so I cherish those days.  My mom too was always, always there for me.  I loved the fact that most nights when I got home on weekends she would be laying on the couch and would wake up enough for me to tell her about my date or about what I had done that night.  Of course I had the usual ‘teenage’ worries…boy troubles, friend troubles, curfew troubles, growing-up troubles…but overall, I am so happy to be able to say I loved my jr. high and high school years.

I can’t believe it’s almost been 6 years since I graduated high school! It makes me feel so old haha.  Lots has happened in the past 6 years…but Imma save that for Day 3 of this blogging challenge.

I really can’t imagine a better childhood.  Mom & Dad, good job.  I am so grateful for my past and am looking forward to creating a childhood that my own children can look back on and say good job to me too.

I’ll post pictures a little later in the day…Baby Boy just woke up!