On My Mind

23 days of blogging.

I’ve been wanting to write more on this here blog but every time I think about it, I think about how I have too much stuff I want to write about.  So last night I had the idea to make a list of things that I want to have written down.  Things that I want to look back at one day and be able to remember.
Nate and I made a list of 23 things that I am going to blog about over the next 23 days.  Why 23? Because a my BFFs and I from high school dubbed it as a lucky number. THE lucky number 🙂 And I’ll admit, I love reading other people’s blogs…so, do this with me, yeah?

Here is the list:

1 – Your background story

2 – Your child’s future…whether you have kids or not, what you picture them being like when they are grown up

3 – +/- 5 years of life…what your last 5 years were like and where you see yourself in 5 years

4 – 2014 Resolutions (I haven’t written any down yet…)

5 – Your (future) Wedding Day

6 – Your Spouse (if not married, someone you love deeply)

7 – What you want to be remembered by

8 – Your Likes & Dislikes

9 – Your Immediate Family

10 – Your In-laws (or what you picture your future in-law family to be like)

11 – Extended Family

12 – Your opinion on the negatives and positives of our current world

13 – Describe places you want to visit – can be an actual place or an imagined one

14 – Your Day Dreams

15 – Testimony – Mine will be of my religion, if you are not religious, you could testify of something that you live your life by

16 – Details of your current situation

17 – Your favorite bone in your body you like to crack

18 – People you Admire

19 – Daily Routine of one of your favorite times in life

20 – If you could have everyone you loved and cared for relocate with you, where would you go and what would your lives be like?

21 – Describe your favorite food in 500 words…or as many words as you can! Tell why you like it, how it feels when you eat it, memories involved with it, etc.

22 – Write a Tribute to a “Friend” this cannot be a best friend or family member, rather someone you admire or has helped you that you might not be particularly close to

23 – Your feelings, views, and thoughts after writing for the past 23 days.