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something to look forward to.

I thought it was about time to write something that isn’t baby related.  Being a stay-at-home Mom has left me a lot of time to think.  Sometimes too much time, but I’m sure once baby boy gets more active and has me chasing him I’ll miss these days 🙂

I have been thinking lately of advice my husband gave me a while ago.  I think it was during my last semester of college when times were crazy and I often got discourage at the magnitude of what was on my plate.  As I told how I was feeling down one day he encouraged me to pick something I was excited about.  He told me that I should always try to have something I am looking forward  to – something I can get excited about.  Whether big or small, something to keep you going when times are rough.  Since then, Nate asks me every so often what I am most excited about.  At first when he would ask me I would have a hard time thinking of something, but lately I have been very good at letting myself get excited about things.  And you know, it really does make life so much more enjoyable!  Allowing yourself to get excited over the small pleasures of life does wonders for the soul 🙂  
Here is a list, both big and small, of things I am currently excited about:
-Ames’ smiles.  He smiles all the time and I get excited to see each smile.
-Going to Seattle over Valentine’s Day weekend.  SUU has a race there that weekend so we decided me and the babe will buy a plane ticket and tag along! 
-Running.  Again, this one happens everyday, but I am more thankful for running now more than ever.  I was just telling Nate the other night that since I have been running more seriously these past few weeks I have felt pretty much back to the “old” Kacee.  Even though I will never be the same person that I was before Ames was born, I feel like everything is pretty much back into it’s place and that life has just hit a good groove 🙂
-The day Ames rolls over.  He does NOT like tummy time and so it’s somewhat of a stressful thing for me to try and do it with him a few times each day.  I am seriously so pumped for the day when things click and he realizes why I stick him on his tummy 🙂
-Eating Pizza.  I just decided that I am going to get pizza today or tomorrow and I am already excited about it.
-Portugal.  We aren’t going to Portugal till June, but we have been planning things and I am already excited.
-To get better at being home alone.  I am really bad at being home alone…I am pretty good most days but Nate goes on track trips a lot on weekends and I just really don’t like being by myself.  I love being with my babe, but I just feel so much more vulnerable.  I decided that I am going to really try hard to do better with him gone.  Although I am still bad at it, I’m excited to get better.
-I am excited for the day I can look back on my current trials and feel proud I overcame them.  This is an ongoing excitement for me.  We all have trials that plague us, both big and small, at all times in life.  I feel super proud of myself as I look back at things I used to have a hard time with and now they are a breeze.  So even though I have new trials and things that are challenging to me, I get excited for the day, whenever it might be, that I can look at things that seem hard to me now and have the proud feeling of overcoming them.
If you ever feel like life is dull, overwhelming, or just plain hard I encourage you to try and make a list of things that you are excited about.  And after you make this list, think about it when  ]you are having a hard time.  And when those things on your list happen, allow yourself to enjoy them!  They probably won’t turn out just as you them planned, but enjoy everything as much as you can.  As I taught in my classes…Happiness breeds Happiness!  The more you try to be happy and excited about life, the happier and more excited you will be (really, it’s a proven fact!)!  So, let’s get excited, yeah?!  
Now, to get that pizza….I’m excited!! 😉