On My Mind

This Guy.

Sometimes you need to get a little mushy gushy and let everyone know about an awesome person in your life.  And although I have TONS of amazing people in my life that bless me so much, I need to brag about one in particular….

This Guy.

I know everyone loves their husbands and that your spouse is always the number one in your life.  But I just need to brag about how truly good I have it.  Nate really is an amazing guy and an amazing husband.  My life is so peaceful being married to him.  And it is not peaceful because everything is going right around us.  Lately it has actually been the opposite in some pretty big areas (i.e. little man wasn’t growing right).  Before I was married I probably would have been a huge stress ball because of everything that is going on, yet I’m not.  And I know Nate is a big reason why I have been able to tackle some big issues without killing over.  He always makes me feel so good about myself and my abilities.  I don’t think there ever has been a time I have felt discouraged after talking to him and there is truly nothing I can’t talk to him about (probably much to his dismay, haha).  And, although he doesn’t think he is funny, he is and he makes me laugh all the time.  I see pictures posted on facebook or instagram of all the pretty flowers that husbands buy their wives and although I love getting flowers (ahem, Nate) I’m so glad that he ‘gifts’ much more important things to me.  There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t hug me or kiss me or pull me over at night to snuggle in bed with him or tell me he loves me.  Out of all of the things that I know, I know first and foremost that he loves me, and it isn’t because he buys me flowers.  It’s because of how he talks with me, laughs with me, has adventures with me, and just IS with me.

I really don’t know what I would do without him.  My Mom even made a comment to me while we were in California on a girls trip a couple weekends ago that I just don’t seem quite as happy when Nate isn’t around.  It made me feel a little guilty because I don’t want to be a debby downer when I’m not with Nate, but at the same time, it made me realize how truly happy he makes me. (And don’t worry Mom, I really am happy with you guys too! I was just having a hard pregnancy weekend and wasn’t doing a super good job at being tough 🙂 )
I really could go on for awhile about how awesome my life is because of Nate, but I’ll save him the embarrassment 😉  Growing up I always dreamed about how life would be when I was married and I can honestly say it is WAY better than imagined.

Thanks for making things wonderful Husband Man. I sure do love you 🙂