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These past few weeks have full of adventure! It started with me finishing off teaching my summer quarter session and finally starting my summer break (perks of being a teacher :).  I actually took off for my summer one day early because we had plane tickets flying out of Cedar City and flew to Victoria, British Columbia in Canada!  We went up there for our good friends Cam Levins and Lizzy Butler’s wedding.  But we made somewhat of a ‘babymoon’ trip out of it and stayed up there for about a week.  Although Canada has so many American businesses and really isn’t too different…but the time we were headed home I was ready to get back to the good ol’ USA 🙂 Here are some pictures of our Canada adventure:

Flying over the Great Salt Lake

On our little propeller plane from Seattle to Victoria.  The ocean was gorgeous. ..

See what I mean.

What we rolled around in.

After staying our first night in Victoria, we headed northwest up the coast to Tofino/Ucluelet area…this is on our drive up

They had tons of totem poles all over the island.

They also had tons of wineries and Cideries along the way.  We decided to stop at a  cidery and we are sure glad we did!

We also stopped at Cathedral Grove which had trees that were over 800 years old! It is a temperate rain forest on the north part of the island and this was our first taste of it.

After our 4 hour drive we finally made it to our little cabin where we stayed! It was right on the edge of the ocean which you can barely see in this picture.  It was cozy and perfect.

The cabin also had the Pacific Rim Trail right across the street.  It was raining, but we didn’t care.  We suited up and headed out to explore once we got there

View from the trail…which we ended up getting off because I wanted to see the ocean better and try and spot a whale!

Bouncing around on rocks at 24 weeks pregnant….

Gross seaweed things that were everywhere.

The trail. 
The island is known for having tons of Orca Whales along its coast…I was determined to spot one, but unfortunately never did

Dinner in Tofino.
Nate’s fried salmon….I ate a burger 🙂

We woke up super early and were on a different part of the trail at 6am to go and check out the beach.

Coming off of the trail to the beach…we had it all to ourselves.  Most gorgeous place ever.

Leaving beautiful Ucluelet and heading back to Victoria

Another stop along the way back to Victoria.

When in Victoria, I guess it’s mandatory to pay 32 dollars a person to go to the Butchart Gardens…we weren’t pumped about the price, but it didn’t disappoint…

My favorite flower there.

One of their many many different types of gardens.

Back in Victoria.  The number one thing Nate wanted to do? Bug Museum….

I sucked it up and held everything…this being my least favorite…

Crazy, right?!

So…no one told us that Canada’s food prices were sooooo high! We spent around 20 dollars every meal and we were trying to be cheap!  Thank goodness we stayed at our condo that had a grill…who would have thought one of the cheapest meals you could eat would be a great steak dinner?!  Thanks to Nate for being the grill master 🙂

We took a loooong walk around Victoria and we happened upon a beautiful park that lead down to the shore…

This little guy had already been quite the traveler! 
At the Wedding!

The beautiful couple! 🙂

We happened to be there on July 1st…which is Canada Day..they had fireworks over the harbor right next to the parliament building (which is the building lit up here)

On the journey home our awesome pilot flew halfway around Mt. Rainier!  It was sweet.

We had a great time in Canada!  It seriously was one of the prettiest places I have been.  But it definitely felt good being back home 🙂

And just because I can’t do a post without including something baby…here is a picture I took a few days ago…I am currently 25.5 weeks!  That is pretty much 6 months people. Only 3 more to go!
(Please excuse the sweaty mess that I am and the mess of my little sister’s room 🙂 )

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