On My Mind

‘Bump’ Day!

Well, I’m over the hill.  As of a couple days ago I was officially 20 weeks along.  20 down, 20 to go!  It’s crazy that I’m already half way…but at the same time, I feel like 20 weeks is forever long.  I’m already done being preggo and just want this little boy here! (though we are nowhere prepared with baby stuffs for him yet…).

I’m trying so hard to really enjoy being pregnant.  For the most part I think I do a good job.  However I definitely have my days where I feel like a huge beached whale.  Those days are hard.  But I am quickly reminded of why I am doing it and gladly except my role as a huge beached whale 😉

I guess I should officially say that we are having a BOY.  I had an ultrasound when I was 18 weeks and Nate’s dreams came true when we saw that little pickle in-between his legs 🙂  Secretly I had been thinking he was a boy too and was super excited.

As far as the details about how I’ve been doing…these past few weeks have actually been pretty smooth.  Still running around 6-8 miles at least 4 times a week and the other 2 days I’ll do usually 4-5 miles.  My pace hasn’t dropped a ton…but I definitely get tired at paces that used to be so easy.  For example, I did 7 miles with my super fast collegiate runner sister and we probably averaged right around an 8 min mile.  She was jogging and talking up a storm…I felt decent on the run, but the rest of the day I was wiped!  I think I will be sticking to my 8:30 miles from now on haha.

Cravings have kind of died down.  I still like me some meat all the time though.  Especially chicken.  I eat some kind of meat every day…lots of time for lunch and dinner.  Veggies are sounding a little better, but I kinda have to force them down.  Thank goodness fruits have sounded way good…apples still are on the top of the list for fruits too. Also, something that is curious is that I used to be a little lactose intolerant before I was pregnant…aka…almond milk was my best friend.  However, since being pregnant I drink milk like crazy.   A gallon makes it about 3-4 days in our house which is so weird because we used to have a hard time drinking a gallon before it expired in the past!

I still haven’t quite fully transitioned into fat pants.  Though I wear them just to be on the safe side…I don’t wanna stretch out my other clothes.  And, I decided today that all pants should have elastic bands. SO comfy.  it’s like wearing cute, stylish sweats!  My kind of swag 😉

Well, that’s all I got with baby news.  At least our human baby.  We already added another member to our family…introducing, Corn Pop!

Nate promised I could get a little companion to keep me company when he leaves for track trips.  She already has brought a lot of fun into our lives.  She is a crazy little thing and is constantly playing.  Though, when she decides that she is tired, she is a big cuddler like you can tell above.  Best part is, being pregnant I am not supposed to clean the litter box! haha.  So I get all the fun of a kitten with no dirty work! 🙂

Well, that is all I can think of for now.  So I will leave you with some piiiiiiiictures