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Fat Pants.

The time has finally arrived. The time where I officially feel that little strain around my waist wearing my normal jeans.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped to get a lil’ baby bump…however  I am at that awkward stage where I feel huge, but everyone tells me that they don’t notice anything…or if they do, it’s “sooo tiny!” Ahem. Tiny is not the way I’m feeling these days.  Especially after climbing over a seat and ripping a pair of my pants because they were too strained in the butt/waist area…Feeling pretty big for sure.

I have just come to accept that I need me some fat pants.  So I have been on the hunt for some cute ones…uh…no such thing!  Serious, why do they have to make maternity clothing that looks like a 92 year old blind woman designed them!?  Okay, okay, so it’s not all that bad.  But so far, the in-store shopping has been less than par.  I have been scouring the web for some cute stuff that is not tooo expensive and I’ve found some decent things out there (currently being shipped…cross your fingers!) But in the mean time…MOMS!  What in the heck did you do in the ‘awkward phase’?? And where did you find some cute maternity clothes?!  Help a newbie out! 🙂

In other baby related stuff, I had a doctors appointment a little over a week ago.  Nate being a cute Dad came with me and said he wants to come and be apart of it as much as he can! Aw, cute 🙂  It’s funny having him come though.  If I went alone, I could be in and out of there in 15 mins…pee in the cup, get weighed, check vitals, hear that cute heart beat, peace on out.  But with Nate there…it’s another story.  Poor nurses haha.  He is definitely intriguied by this whole baby experience and he wants all the stats and data that they can give him.  The nurses/doctor always ask me if I have any questions…I usually don’t, but I nod towards Nate’s direction and say I bet he does…which he then proceeds to drill them with questions.  Mind you, this guys is smart, and understands A LOT about the body.  So his questions are not your average, “how big is the baby” kinda stuff.  He wants the details and 411 on everything 🙂  I make fun of him for it, but you know, I secretly love it.  I love that he is so involved and wants to be  apart of it as much as he can 🙂 The most exciting thing about this last appointment is we scheduled our next ultrasound where we get to find out if this babe is a little….


 I’m that cheeser blondy on the left… all of my pictures from when I was little I was cheesin’ it so big, haha.

What do you think!? I want a little girl slightly more than a boy…but really, I just want a healthy, happy baby! 🙂

In non-baby news…Nate left me again.  To freakin’ Portland.  They have conference this weekend and he has been sending me sweet pics of Nike campus and all the unique little places they have been eating at….I’ve been eating Mac & Cheese…jealous is an understatement 🙂  I wish I could have gone with them so much!  And, to make matters worse, my GSU team has conference this weekend which has made me miss all of the SOOO much.  I am Georgia sick and wish I could be in Miami racin’ with them (or at least cheering them on 🙂 )  But alas, I’m stuck at home, working, and being bored. *pity me* 😉

Good luck to both the SUU & GSU teams!!!  At least I have lots of results to be checking all weekend to keep me busy.  And GSU girls, you best be keeping me updated on how everything is going!!

Well, I have to pee again.  Probably for the 1000th time today.  So Imma go do that.

Peace & Blessings from me and the Babe!

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  1. I got mine from Motherhood Maternity, they have really cute maternity clothes! I got a couple pairs of skinny jeans 🙂 yes pregnant women can wear skinny jeans believe it or not. 😉 Good luck!
    -Sierra Pack

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