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I have been meaning to write down a few of my thoughts about this little babe for a while.  And since I am good at procrastinating things I really should be doing (cleaning…studying for the praxis…finish sewing…etc), this is a perfect time! 🙂

Let us go back to the beginning.  To the time where I thought that having a baby was not in the picture for us.  It just didn’t feel right to me at all.  This was like beginning of December.  I prayed often about when we should have kids, but never felt like it was “our time.” And on top of that, I just didn’t seem how it was feasible for a few different reasons.  Well, a week or so before Christmas I said my prayers before crawling into bed as usual but unlike usual, I couldn’t fall asleep.  I lay there eyes wide open and out of the blue my thoughts turned to babies.  I started thinking about me and the guy snoring next to me as parents and BOOM.  Heart started racing and burning…I swear this little babe was up in heaven shaking my heart or something, trying to tell me he/she was ready to come on down!  I knew at that instant that we were supposed to have a baby.  I was excited, but scared and nervous. oh so scared and nervous.  I still didn’t see how we could have a babe in our current situation and the thought of Kacee=Mom felt too unreal.  I kept my little ‘heart shaking’ moment to myself for a few days.  But when Nate came to the dinner table all serious like one night and looked me straight in the eye and said that he too thought we were supposed to have a little babe, I knew that this was the real deal…I was excited but nervous and scared.  oh so nervous and scared.

Fast forward to a few days after Christmas and I did the first scary thing…went to the doctors and got my IUD taken out (P.S…Girls, IUDs are the way to go.  I loooooved that thing; best birth control ever).  I came home excited, but nervous and scared…oh so nervous and scared. The only thought that I had that calmed my mine was that I probably wouldn’t get pregnant for a while.  We weren’t planning on actively trying.

Well guess who is a freakin’ fertile mertile? This girl.  Over Valentine’s Day weekend I knew that something was going on in this body of mine.  At this point I was REALLY nervous and scared…I felt so overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives and I didn’t see how a baby could fit into the equation.  We had planned to take a pregnancy test on the Monday after V-Day and I was SOO scared and nervous to take it.  I felt so rotten because of it…I felt like I should have been pumped. I went on a little run that Monday morning and obviously my thoughts were all about what that little test was going to say.  My new thing is to run and listen to Pandora.  On this particular day I had Pandora on the Justin Bieber station (go ahead, judge me. it’s good stuff to run to I tell you.)  I was running down one of my favorite trails and it was a really pretty morning and randomly, the Justin Bieber station whipped out one of my favorite classical piano songs…uh…what the heck JB? This isn’t your style.  That’s what I thought as I ran, but a minute into the song I was overcome with such a peaceful feeling.  It seriously felt like my little babe was giving me a big hug telling me everything was going to be okay.  Super sweet experience.  After this moment, I have been so calm.  I still don’t see how everything is going to work out, but…I know that having this little babe is definitely what we are supposed to be doing right now, and I am now SOOO excited about it!

Well that night, I took 3 pregnancy tests and then I made Nate take one…had to compare them to someone I knew was definitely not pregnant! haha.  After making sure my tests were very valid and reliable, I knew I was indeed pregnant.  Even though I was pretty confident I was before I took the tests, it still took me off guard and was so…crazy.  It definitely was fun seeing Nate so pumped though 🙂 (P.S. I was about 5 weeks along when we found out)

Fast forward to today, 13 weeks along and still super calm, peaceful and excited about this little babe!  It still is so crazy to me that I am a “pregnant lady” soon to be a “mom.”  I still need a little time to get to used to that!  As far as how pregnancy is going, I’m doing better than expected!  I was scared that I was going to be barfing my brains out all the time.  But I have only thrown-up once.  I definitely feel nauseous often (early morning and after 9:30pm usually…nights are not my favorite these days) and I am a tiiiiiired girl.  Other than that though, my little babe has been really nice to me and it hasn’t been too bad.  Here are a few things to sum up Kacee as a preggo:

  • Can take 3 hour naps, no problem
  • Drink liters of Apple Juice daily. (johnny apple seed growin’ in here I guess)
  • Doesn’t really like chocolate or sweets (WHAT!? I’m sad about this one a little…)
  • Doesn’t really like veggies either (WHAT?! Sad about this one too)
  • DOES love fruit though.  Don’t leave me alone with grapes or watermelon, you won’t ever see them again.
  • Still been able to run about 8 miles a day…slowly though.  I’m super pumped when I average slightly under an 8 min mile haha.  I usually average 8:10 – 8:25 though.
  • Shopping is like my kryptonite…it makes me SOO tired!
  • Avocados go on pretty much everything I eat
  • I can pretty much totally fill-up an A cup! Big achievement for me haha
  • Strong smells are my enemy
  • The scale is reading about 6 pounds heavier these days
  • I am Nate’s newest science experiment…he knows exactly when my HCG levels are supposed to rise or fall and is very serious when he says he wishes he could take daily blood samples on me…nerd.
  • I feel like my belly is huge, though you probably won’t think so (I still am wearing my normal clothes pretty easily…so it probably isn’t as big as I think, but it is definitely there!)
  • Pretty stable moods, though Nate does get some nagging if I ever get too tired.
Well, that’s pretty much our baby’s story so far!  Things are going good and both me and Nate are pumped.  I can’t wait to finally meet our little babe…27 more weeks!
Now for a few pictures of everything lately:
What happens when we go home and visit…Nate is the favorite.
Good Dad in the making! 🙂
New shoes that my feeties are loving.
my school moved to a new building and I’m not in the trailer anymore! Yes!
Went to San Fran with Nate and the SUU team for my birthday weekend…way fun.
Nate smiles reaaaal good and my hair is awesome in pictures
My kids dressed up for 1920s day…they looked real good 🙂
BABY!!!!! lookin’ right at you.  Fist pumping too.  We got a winner already.
Nate takes reeeaaal good care of me and my cravings 🙂

Bump! I promise it’s there…I am definitely bigger than I was at least!

Well….yay for babies! 🙂

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  1. I feel like we spent years dreaming about getting married and having families. So it's exciting and touching watching it happen. I got teary eyed! I'm just so excited! You are tiny tiny tiny but I guess I know the Kacee body so I can see that it's a cm larger 🙂 I can't wait until you're fully prego!!!! When are you going to Utah valley this summer?? I must come down for a weekend while you're there.

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