On My Mind

When I am supposed to be planning my lessons…

I write blogs instead.

So, here’s the thing – life is craaaaazy. but good. so good. And here is why:

Jobs: Teaching is better than I even expected.  I knew that teaching always sounded fun and would be a good fit for being a Mom too.  So I went into teaching considering it a ‘good’ career.  And at first, it was HARD. I didn’t have any type of system and didn’t know what the heck I was doing, to be frank. But I kept at it and you know what? I am liking it more and more each day.  I still have lots of work ahead of me with it, but I am excited for it now and not dreading it. Nate is also really enjoying coaching.  He is an amazing coach; yes I may be biased, but I think anyone who has seen him in action would agree!  I am so excited for his future in coaching and where it will take us 🙂

Holiday Break: Christmas break was a great one.  Filled with lots of remembering our Savior, lots of snow, and lots of family….just the way it should be 🙂

Future-House-To-Be…Maybe: Our townhouse that we put an offer on had 2 pipes break and flooded the whole place.  Okay, so this might not seem like great thing…but let me tell you, it was a HUGE blessing that it happened before we closed.  Because now we don’t have to pay for anything and/or we can pull out and find a new place.  We haven’t quite decided if we are going to stay in it or not, but if we do, we will get to pick out new carpet, new counters, new cabinets, new paint, and new dish washer, all for free! We were already going to do lots of upgrades…and now we can, but for free if we choose to go through with it. We will see!

Running: After being sick for around 3 weeks (stupid flu/cold) I am back up and ‘running.’ I am feeling like I am getting into pretty good shape again and it makes my days a lot happier.  Best thing about it, NATHAN ANTHONY HOULE is running at least 6 miles, 3 times per week..say whaaaat?! It has been so fun to run with him 🙂  He has been good with it for the past 3 weeks… so he is doing better than he ever has…hopefully he keeps it up!

Everything Else:  Right now in our life I could list a LOT of things that are rough right now. Like, way rough.  But it has been kinda amazing how good all of these trials have been.  There have definitely been times where I have cried as I prayed at night and felt down.  BUT majority of the time, it has been so easy to see all the good that has come out of these trials.  I have felt my relationships grow stronger with my family and friends and my Father in Heaven.  I have truly realized that even when things in life go a very unexpected way, even if it is a negative way, you can still be happy.  I am SO thankful for that knowledge and the ‘equipment’ I have to always be happy 🙂

Well, without further ado, PICTURES!

P.S. A special shout out to my GSU family back in the ATL! You girls have been tearin’ that track up already and have been making me miss you all the time 🙂 Keep up the good work!  I am still nagging Nate everyday to get his stuff together so we can come see you in the spring!

My beautiful Lakyn got MARRIED! sooo happy for her and Jake 🙂

we had an adventure taking family pictures 🙂

They know me too well… 🙂
looooooots of games were played 🙂


my beautiful siblings….who think they are tough…;)

Nate FINALLY got his smoker. He made some dang good ribs and turkey for us all too!

white Christmas.

Christmas Eve at the Houle’s! So fun 🙂

Lots of running around with these tots over the break. loved every second of it too!

fitting of our relationship.

not yet Shea, not yet.

snow balls coming our way during pictures.

 And now for the pictures of our townhouse… the carpet turned PINK! and just check out the ceiling cones…sooooo fuuuuuun… 😉

Phew. Picture overload…but there you have it folks! 🙂