On My Mind


Camping pictures from a few weeks ago 🙂 Crazy that places like this are only 30 mins away from our front door.  Picture credit to Nate, of course, of course.

Setting up camp. Note: our bed in the back of our wagon!

Makin’ some Mac n’ Cheese!

Roastin’ bagels for breakfast!

This is my, ‘messing up Nate’s picture’ face.

Gorgeous, right? 🙂

2 thoughts on “pictures.

  1. I love fall in Utah! And Nate you are seriously talented! You have outdone yourself again. I cant wait to come and see your prints in the gallery. 🙂 Already looking forward to our next visit down to cedar! Until then love you Kacee and Nate!

  2. Holy crap! Those pictures are beyond beautiful! Thanks to Heavenly Father's creating, and Nate's photography gift. 🙂 It's a good thing he is starting to sell his photos. Can't let that talent go to waste!

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