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14?! I mean, really.

I don’t know what it is about me, but EVERYONE thinks I look younger than I am.  And I’m not talking a couple years younger. No. I’ve had some people think I am 7.5 years younger! A few examples:

– My mom, Nate, and I helped a guy in our ward, who owns a painting business, finish a painting job. I know it probably didn’t help that I followed my mom around like a little girl, had no make-up on, and I was wearing my cowboy and Indians t-shirt (Tessa, you know the one…), but Nate was talking to one of the painters and mentioned that I was his wife.  The painter was SO surprised.  He asked “How old is she??!”…”22″…”What?! I thought she was no older than 14!”…

And recently since I have been working at Cedar Middle school I get asked pretty much daily, mostly by the little boys, how old I am.  I always make them guess first.  Their first response is usually 17…then move it up to 19.  They are so surprised when I saw I’m 22.5 (and yes I always add the .5, I need all the age I can get!)

Then just yesterday a little 7th grade girl walked into my classroom.  I was up on the board working out a math problem with a boy, and was right in front of her when she walked in.  She looked around for a min and then stated, “There is no teacher here.” I looked at her with a I’m-the-teacher-look.  Which she then said, “Oh! I’m sorry! You look SOOOO young.  You look like you are 14!”

14?!? I am 7.5 years older than that! I mean, really. Do I really look that young?!  Cause I sure don’t think so. I can see older people think I look young.  But now that baby middle schoolers think I look 14 too…I am doomed.

In other news, I got to take school pictures again! I don’t know why this made me so happy, but it did. haha.  

The result:

22.5 year old right here. NOT 14!

In other news, I got to spend the weekend in California with my Momma and Sisters for a girls weekend!  It was tons of fun.  I really have the greatest Mom and sisters ever 🙂 

 Jasmyn had a race in Riverside, CA on Saturday and left with her team down there on Friday. So my Mom drove down to Cedar on Thursday, then Friday once I was done with work we headed down.  After the race on Saturday we loaded up the car and headed to LA.  We first went to the LA temple and reminisced with my mom about the day her and my dad got married there.  Then we went to Hollywood Blvd. and saw the stars hand prints and a few other things.  We went to Griffth Park where my Gma and Gpa went on one of their first dates.  Then later that night we headed down to Balboa Beach where we hung out for a while and did a little shopping, rode the ferris wheel on the harbor, and ate some bomb mexican food.  On Sunday we walked on the beach again, and went to the Newport Beach temple.  It is only a few years old and we all though it was SO pretty.  Definitely unique too.  After the temple we headed up to my Grandparents, ate lunch with them, looked through some photo albums, then headed back to Cedar.  It was a busy weekend, but super fun! I am so blessed to have such a great family.

Here are a few pictures of the adventures:

So you can’t really tell…but that little white blob on the mountain is the hollywood sign.

“Chuck Norris’s tears cure cancer.  Too bad he never cries.” (thanks for this one, Madi)

Our car got to take a little ride on the ferry with us!

beautiful women.

love my sisters.

Newport Beach Temple.  Aisha workin’ it.

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  1. Not only do I know the shirt haha but I know what you mean! I've gotten 12 a few times! What?! someone thought I just graduated primary!!! Haha we'll be thankful in 10 years or so I hear.

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