On My Mind

Down South…in Cedar City.

Although we are not in the actual South anymore…I was thinking that I can keep the name of my blog the same because we are officially live in Southern Utah.  Yeah?  I’ll keep it unless I think of something more creative 🙂

You heard it, we are OFFICIALLY in Cedar City now.  Nate has been here for over a week and I have been here since Monday.  My Mom, Sister, and I loaded up a trailer and the truck and ‘trucked’ (pun intended) a looooooooong 4.5 hours to Cedar City (a drive that usually takes 3 hours… my Mom was stressin’ and the tarps we had covering everything were NOT cooperating with us).  Nate and I are currently house/puppy sitting for his Uncle and Aunt that are at the Olympics, lucky butts.  Nate’s uncle, Eric Houle coached Cam Levis at SUU.  Cam Levins just so happened to qualify for both the 10,000m and 5,000m for Canada.  Nate and Cam were roommates for a couple years and are still great friends.  It is SO fun knowing someone in the Olympics.  Nate and I can’t wait till Saturday.  Cam is running the 10,000m final at 2:15pm Utah time. DON’T MISS IT!  I am very patriotic and love my red, white, and blue…but for those two races…I’ll be cheering for the red and white that are going to be covering Cam.  Go CAMADA! 😉
Anywho, today I FINALLY had a run where I felt better.  Still not 100% but, better.  I went about 10.5 and was able to keep a 7:30 avg. pace. Last night Nate and I planned on running together (meaning I do 6 by myself and he joined me for a ‘long’ 4.5 miles (long for him, haha))  Nate ran for SUU back in the day so he knows tons of courses. He mapped out a 6 mile loop for me to do and mentioned a ‘hill’ that I went up about half way through.  Ummm…that “hill” was a MOUNTAIN!  It was sooooo long.  I was cursing (okay not really…more like a home alone curse where you just mumble haha) Nate the whole way up.  I will never take hill lightly anymore when it comes out of his mouth.  Hopefully this feeling better thing continues.  I reeeeeaaaallly wanna get back to serious training.  This past week has been killing me.  I have felt so exhausted and was lucky if I made it 4 miles.  I think this illness is finally out the back door though!
Well, the Olympics are on and I want to actually pay attention.  I’ll leave you with a few of Nate’s sunset pictures.  The sunsets have been amazing lately! 

He’s good, right?  If you wanna see more and if you ever wanna order a print, let me know!  You can see his stuff HERE.