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Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.  These past few weeks have been cray-zy.  But they have been so good!  Cedar City is really starting to grow on me…and here are a few reasons why…

– We officially are all moved into our new apartment!  It’s fancy, but after living out of bags since May, it feels amazing to have all of our own stuff put away and easy to access. Not to mention, we got new-to-us couchs (thanks KSL) and some cute decor (thanks yard sales) and it all looks pretty good.  (Pictures to come soon….)  Also, speaking of decor…we have a few of Nate’s pictures up on our walls and they look super good.  I have been telling him for years that he needs to try and sell his stuff (same with anyone else that walks in our house and sees his photos).  And he finally is doing it!  We stumbled upon a cute lil galleria in on main street in Cedar that sells local art.  He is going to try and put some of his stuff in there.  We were also thinking of getting a booth at a flea market that is held once a week down here.  Anyone else know of a good place to sell art?  I know I’m biased…but his stuff is reeeeal good.  And it needs to be in hotels, homes, and as your background!  Anyway, HERE is his flickr where you can see all of his goods (let me know what you think.  Am I just a proud wife?)

– It has rained EVERY DAY here for the past few weeks.  It’s been awesome.  It’s nice in the morning and then in the late afternoon and evenings we’ve had some awesome thunderstorms and TONS of rain.  Cedar even had a little bit of a flooding problem….

Crazy, right?!  Nate and I have been ‘storm watchers.’  A few times when we had the time we drove up to watch to a good look out point to watch the storms roll in.  It’s been so relaxing and has made this joint smell sooooo goood.

– My sister lives 3.4 miles away!!!!  This has been the best part yet.  As many of you know, me and the Jazzer were pretty much inseparable growing up.  These past few years have been rough not having my best friend/sister at my side.  But not no more!  I have seen her pretty little face almost everyday.  Not only that, she has been sooo kind and allowed me to follow her around and be apart of her life, specifically run with her team.  I have been having withdrawals being away from my G-State girls.  Like, honestly.  I was not ready to be done running and leave them.  It has been really hard for me to realize that I’m not going to have 12 teammates who become my best friends and sisters.  And I was nervous because I am not the best at making friends. I am SO bad at small talk; for a couple reasons. 1) I have somewhat bad hearing.  So sometimes I don’t hear what people say and then I don’t know how to respond.  Instead of asking them ‘what?’ a million times, I just smile and try to think of a way to get out of talking to them..uhh. 2) I don’t necessarily like small talk either.  I know friendships have to start somewhere…but I am just not good at the starting process.  That’s why running is so great.  There is something about being on a run that makes me super chatty and I can easily talk to anyone.  But put me in a more formal setting…uhhh, not so good.  THEREFORE, I have been nervous that I was going to have no friends down here and I would drive Nate crazy with all of my girly-needy-chatter that formally got let out on my team. This is where you insert my beautiful sister, Jasmyn Kapree.  She has already welcomed me into her roommate friendships and her team.  I know this has been/is hard for her too.  She was once in my ‘shadow’ so to speak and has worked hard at breaking out and doing her own thing.  I almost felt bad just moving down here because she had done an amazing job at doing her own thing and I didn’t want to intrude.  Especially in the running world.  She has been injured lately and it has been a really rough set back for her.  Runners understand that injuries=close to depression. It is so hard to see your teammates(and big sister) get faster and stronger while you limp behind them trying to get healthy again.  I reaaaallly didn’t want to come in and make that ‘runners low’ worse for her.  Yet because she is the truly the kindest person ever, she has let me in.  She has let me run with the team on the days that I can and let me feel apart of a team again and not be a lonely-friendless runner (Don’t worry panthers, I still love you most 🙂 ).  I really can’t describe how amazing Jasmyn is.  She has really been pounded with trials lately and when I think about it I start to cry for her.  Yet she keeps on going.  She is such a determined and hard working individual.  I truly look up to her so much.  And I KNOW that she is going to be turning some heads soon.  So, Jasmyn (if you read this), THANK YOU, THANK YOU for letting me in on your awesome life down here.  I really am so blessed to have you as a sister.  I can’t wait for all the fun times we are going to have 🙂  

– I GOT A JOB!!!! A good one too.  I am a study hall teacher at Cedar Middle School.  After lots of thinking, praying, fasting and the such about what I am suppose ‘to do’ with my life…I have finally found it  (I hope).  For the past year I have fiddled with the idea of teaching high school (and coaching too).  It was nothing I had ever really wanted to do before so I kinda never took it seriously.  But as time went on it started to nag at me more and more.  Then one day I just decided to really look into it.  When I did, I felt like it was something I would really love.  So I decided to ‘just do it!’ There is a program called the Alternative Route to Licensure.  Pretty much if you have a bachelors degree you have to go through a series of steps to get a teaching license.  I have done most of those steps and am officially certified to teach Psychology, Philosophy, and Financial Lit.  The next step is to actually get hired 🙂  Being the start of the year, there were no certified teaching jobs open.  But one night as I was looking for jobs I noticed a this study hall teaching job.  The application was due the next day which was a busy one for me.  I almost didn’t apply, but at the last minute I did and three days later I was sitting in training with a new title…*ahem* Mrs. Houle.  My class is set up to help kids who need extra help or fall behind.  They come in for one of their 9 periods each day and I help with their work and try to get them caught up.  Although I am not a certified teacher…it is really good experience until I can get hired at a high school and continue on with getting my license (I have 18 months to get hired…so keep those fingers crossed!)  This whole process of getting a job and figuring out what kind of job I wanted has been long and at times seemed hopeless.  But it has really been a great for me spiritually wise because it has forced me to rely on the Lord.  I can honestly say that I know He hears and answers our prayers.  He wants what is best for us.  And even though he might have to be patient… He always comes through with situations and blessing that are even better than I could have hoped for. 

My classroom: (don’t mind all the papers…I have been putting reading books together)

– All-in-all Cedar City has just been great.  I really miss Atlanta and there are still somethings that have been hard to adjust to, but we have been so blessed with how things have worked out.  I am just excited to see what the future holds 🙂

P.S. Nate finally let me cut his hair!  Here are some ‘before, during, & after’ pictures 🙂

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  1. I'm so happy for you that you got an awesome job! You were so stressed! You'll be a great teacher and your room is super cute! Um holy cow WATER! That is crazy how much water is in the streets. And you make me proud giving Nate such a good hair cut. Tell him to smile though 🙂 Tell Jazzer hi! You two are the cutest! Love you.

  2. Congrats on your new job!! things always work out!!
    That is so awesome that you can run sometimes with the team. It is hard and there are definite withdrawals after you graduate. i have not really been running at all and am just now trying to get back into shape. i am excited that USU is starting up again so my old teammates are back and will run with me every other day! yay for friends!

  3. Jasmyn is a gem. What would we have done without her all those years?!? I'm so glad you two are back together. The universe is more aligned! 🙂
    I also am so happy you got a job! You felt so lost and confused. Of course you realy weren't, because Heavenly Father always helps. It's amazing! It strengthens my testimony. 🙂
    Congrats!!!!! I miss you!!!!!11

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