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So, um… guys. What do you think?

I need suggestions, opinions, and the straight-up honest truth. Should I turn this blog into a real deal blog?  Liiiiike, should I post everyday and make it somewhat useful to y’all?  I was thinking that I could make this blog into a few different things such as…

-Running blog.  Heaven knows I am a running nerd and have SO much I could write about.  Not only about my training, but just the running world in general.

-Fun facts blog.  I generally find out some kind of new information about random things everyday.  So I could write a little bit about what I learn everyday.

-Rants and raves… I am kinda opinionated on somethings and could possibly come up with some good rants and raves.

… I can’t really think about anything else.  Maybe just a combo of all of that stuff…  I dunno!  What does everyone think?  Have there been topics or things that you guys have liked reading about that I should post on more?


P.S.  I am thinking of doing this for a couple reasons…A) I really just want to keep a more updated record of things that are going on. B) I feel like writing posts help me get smarter, haha.  Not only do they make me a better writer, I just learn a lot about myself and situations in general as I write them all out.  So, yeah. Let me know what you think 🙂

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