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Get ready for a picture overload.

buuuut first!  Yesterday: Woke up, still didn’t feel all the way better (my chest it throbbing from this stupid cough) so I decided to eat a whole box of life and go shopping with my sisters instead of running.  It was a fun day which ended in going to one of my best friend’s wedding reception!  I ate and danced the night way 🙂


before running up to the “Y” on the mountain

We match. Don’t hate, appreciate.

Soon after this I passed him… first time EVER beating Nate at running without him letting me win.  I  was pretty pumped 🙂

Y conqueror.  That is a ROUGH climb. 1.1 miles, 19% grade the entire time. My lungs were burning! Did it in about 14 mins…beat Nate by 30 seconds (I’m done bragin, promise)


TOUR DE RUN! A couple of our lovely staff members 🙂

The Female Yellow Jersey Winner and Overall Winner!

oh yeah, did I mention we had the 2X NCAA National Champion and Canadian Olympian hand out the medals?! (Cam Levins, look him up, he’s hott stuff right now)

Overall Men’s Winner

Top Five Overall Men

Yay Jasmyn!

Top 5 Overall Women (PS That is the leader board in the background)

FINALLY arrived in California after a loooooong van ride….

Cute you two.

Big Brother Rhett

they had a super magnified mirror…had to get my plucking on.

ow ow.

Rhett in his element

Dinner out at the pool.  Catchin’ up with the extended family.

So, uh, no one told me Cali is freezing at night!  I had to balance on the edge of the chair to get my little feeties in the water to try and warm up!


I get annoyed at the relationship Nate has with his phone sometimes.

more hangin’ with family.

Sea World! all I wanted to do was pet a Dolphin… didn’t happen.  Nate, however, got to pet and play with one for  a long time! They loved him.

Shamoo Show

How they train those massive things, I will never understand.

Shea attempting to surf.

the brothers.

cute parents!

My dad told us to pose, this was the result, haha.

getting ready for running

Last dinner with the family out at the pool.

The Dotters!

All the cousins, minus all the adult-parent cousins who thought they were too cool to get in the picture 🙂

Like I said, picture overload. Right? 🙂

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